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Berger Bullets, 6.5mm, 156gr, EOL Elite Hunter, 26550, (Qty 100)

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Berger Bullets 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter - 26550 | Bullet Central

Berger Bullets 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter - 26550 (Qty 100)

Introducing the Berger Bullets 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter, model number 26550, available in quantities of 100. These long-anticipated rifle bullets are tailor-made for hunters seeking a heavy-caliber solution for their long-range hunting platforms, such as the Creedmoor, PRC, and 26 Nosler.

Unmatched Hunting Performance

  • Heaviest-in-Class Design: Breaking the trend in heavy hunting bullets, the EOL Elite Hunter is designed to be the heaviest in its class, delivering superior performance and energy retention upon impact.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: Featuring a sleek profile with an ultra-high ballistic coefficient and increased sectional density, these bullets are engineered for maximum energy retention and efficient flight.

Innovative Hybrid Ogive Design

The EOL Elite Hunter Rifle Bullets incorporate Berger's industry-leading hybrid ogive design, blending the best aspects of tangent and secant nose shapes. This design enhances efficiency, reduces wind-drift, and minimizes sensitivity to seating depth, making them easy to load and incredibly accurate.

Key Features of the Elite Hunter Hybrid:

  • Hybrid Ogives: Near the bearing surface, the shape starts as a tangent for ease of tuning, then transitions to a secant ogive for a flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift.
  • Consistent Core: Berger's precise core manufacturing process ensures consistent drop, BC, and accuracy without the need for sorting by weight.
  • Boat Tail Design: The boat tail bullets offer an aerodynamic advantage, especially in transitions from transonic to subsonic velocities.
  • J4 Hunting Jacket: Renowned for their precision, the J4 Precision Bullet Jackets provide unprecedented consistency. The thinner hunting jackets allow for initial penetration followed by rapid expansion, creating a massive wound cavity.

Technical Specifications

  • Bullet Diameter: 6.5mm / .264"
  • Sectional Density: 0.32
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.347 G7 / 0.679 G1
  • Weight: 156 grains
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1:8"
  • Bullet Length: 1.512"

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Enhance your long-range hunting experience with the Berger Bullets 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter. Visit Bullet Central to purchase and explore more high-quality reloading and shooting supplies.

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EOL Elite Hunter
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