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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, 6mm, 115gr, VLD Hunting, 24530, (Qty 100)

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Berger VLD Hunting Bullets - 6mm, 115gr | Bullet Central

Berger 6mm 115gr VLD Hunting Bullets: Precision and Power for Hunters

Discover the superior performance of Berger 6mm 115gr VLD Hunting Bullets, model 24530, designed for hunters who seek the flattest shooting experience. Now available in quantities of 100 at Bullet Central, these bullets are ideal for those aiming for precision and ethical kills in long-range hunting.

Advanced Secant Ogive Design

The VLD (Very Low Drag) Hunting Bullets feature an aggressive secant ogive shape, reducing drag significantly. This design results in a flatter trajectory, minimal wind drift, and higher retained velocity, enhancing long-range hunting performance.

Optimized for Hunting Impact

With a thinner J4 Precision jacket, these bullets are engineered to penetrate 2-3 inches into the vitals before expanding, creating a massive wound cavity up to 15 inches. This rapid expansion delivers maximum tissue damage and hydrostatic shock, ensuring a quick and ethical kill.

Reloading Precision and Versatility

Berger VLD Hunting Bullets are versatile in reloading, accommodating various seating depths. Whether touching the rifling or seated up to .150" from the rifling, these bullets adapt to different rifles, making them a favorite for custom load applications.

Consistent Core for Accurate Shots

The meticulous core manufacturing process of Berger ensures consistent bullet weight and dimensions. This precision results in a reliable drop, consistent BC (Ballistic Coefficient), and enhanced accuracy, crucial for long-range hunting scenarios.

Aerodynamic Efficiency

The boat tail design of these bullets offers an aerodynamic advantage, especially during the critical transition from transonic to subsonic velocities. This feature significantly contributes to their long-range efficiency and effectiveness.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.243 inches
  • Bullet Weight: 115 Grains
  • Overall Length (OAL): 1.348 inches
  • Bullet Style: VLD Hunting
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 7 inches or faster
  • G1 BC: 0.291
  • Part Number: 24530

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Enhance your hunting prowess with Berger 6mm 115gr VLD Hunting Bullets. Visit Bullet Central to purchase and experience the ultimate in precision and impact for your long-range hunting adventures.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
VLD Hunting
Projectile Weight:
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1 Review

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    115 Berger vld

    Posted by Brian on Apr 15th 2024

    Shoots sub moa all day out of my 6 mm creedmoor,with stable 6.5. great deer antelope

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