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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, 6mm, 68gr, FB Target, 24711, (Qty 1000)

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Berger Bullets 6mm 68gr FB Target - Precision Rifle Bullets

Berger Bullets 6mm 68gr FB Target - Precision Rifle Bullets

When it comes to achieving the highest accuracy in competitive benchrest shooting, look no further than Berger Flat Base Target Rifle Bullets. These bullets are the trusted choice of precision shooters who demand top-notch performance. Designed for mid-range distances of 300 yards or more where a boat tail is not suitable, Berger Flat Base Target Rifle Bullets are renowned for their match-grade quality and user-friendly tangent ogive Rifle Bullet design.

Featuring a tangent ogive design, these bullets are exceptionally easy to load, tune, and shoot. Precision is the name of the game with the Flat Base Target, as it utilizes J4 Precision Rifle Bullet jackets for construction. These jackets boast a Total Indicated Runout (TIR) of +/- .0001 and maintain extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, ensuring consistent and accurate performance.

Key Features of Flat Base Target Rifle Bullets:

1. Tangent Ogive

Tangent Ogives are known for their ease of tuning and outstanding performance at both short and long ranges. Shooters rely on these bullets for precision that exceeds expectations.

2. Consistent Core

Berger's rigorous core manufacturing process eliminates the need for weight sorting when you purchase their bullets. This dedication results in more reliable drop, consistent ballistic coefficients (BC), and improved overall accuracy, giving you a competitive edge.

3. Flat Base

Flat base bullets are favored by short-range precision shooters who prioritize achieving the tightest possible accuracy. These bullets excel in delivering precision shots with minimal dispersion.

4. J4 Target Jacket

J4 Precision Bullet Jackets, the preferred choice of custom bullet manufacturers, offer unmatched consistency and concentricity in copper jackets. With a remarkable +/- .0003Ó tolerance, these jackets produce Berger bullets with minimal dispersion across all ranges.

Product Information:

  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.243"
  • Bullet Weight: 68 Grains
  • Overall Length (OAL): 0.833"
  • Bullet Style: Flat Base Target
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 13" or faster
  • G1 BC: 0.255
  • Part Number: 24711
  • Quantity: 1000

Elevate your precision shooting game with Berger Bullets 6mm 68gr Flat Base Target Rifle Bullets. These bullets are the go-to choice for competitive benchrest shooters who demand superior accuracy and consistency. Trust in Berger's renowned quality for exceptional performance.

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FB Target
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