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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, 6mm, 87gr, VLD Hunting, 24524, (Qty 100)

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  • Box of Berger 6mm VLD Hunting bullets, weighing 87 grains, product number 24524, with a quantity of 100. The box features a vivid yellow top and red sides, with a label displaying an image of a hunter in the field. Key specifications and product details are clearly marked on the sides, making it easy to identify for hunters looking for precision and reliability in their ammunition.
  • Bright yellow plastic box of Berger 6mm, 87gr VLD Hunting bullets, product number 24524, containing 100 units. The box features a prominent image of a deer on its side, symbolizing the intended use for hunting. Two exposed bullets next to the box showcase their precision design with pointed copper tips and brass casings, emphasizing their effectiveness for hunting applications.
  • Yellow and black box of Berger 6mm 87gr VLD Hunting bullets, product number 24524, containing 100 rounds. The box features a label with an image of a hunter in action, emphasizing the bullet's use for hunting. Two bullets are displayed next to the box, showcasing their sleek, pointed design with copper tips and brass casings, suitable for precision hunting.
  • Close-up image of a single Berger 6mm, 87gr VLD Hunting bullet from the product line 24524. The bullet features a copper jacket with a very low drag (VLD) design, optimized for precision and effectiveness in hunting. The image highlights the streamlined shape and pointed tip of the bullet, displayed against a transparent background for clarity.
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Berger Bullets 6mm 87gr VLD Hunting - Precision and Power

Berger Bullets 6mm 87gr VLD Hunting - Precision and Power for Ethical Hunts

Introducing Berger Bullets' 6mm 87gr VLD Hunting ammunition, designed to offer precision and power for ethical hunting pursuits. With part number 24524, you can acquire a quantity of 100 rounds, ensuring you're well-equipped for your hunting adventures.

The Berger VLD Hunting Rifle Bullet stands out as one of the flattest shooting hunting rifle bullets in the industry. These bullets share their design with the renowned VLD Target Rifle Bullets but employ a thinner J4 Precision jacket, ideal for rapid expansion when used in hunting applications. The VLD Hunting bullets are meticulously engineered to penetrate 2-3 inches into the vital area before expanding, creating a massive wound cavity that can extend up to 15 inches. This delivers maximum organ and tissue damage, along with extreme hydrostatic shock, contributing to an ethical and humane kill.

Key Features:

  • Secant Ogive: The Secant Ogive design reduces drag, resulting in flatter trajectories and reduced wind drift, making your shots more accurate over long distances.
  • Consistent Core: Our precise core manufacturing process ensures that you won't need to sort bullets by weight, guaranteeing more reliable drops, consistent ballistic coefficients (BC), and enhanced accuracy.
  • Boat Tail Shape: Boat tail bullets offer improved aerodynamics, especially at longer ranges and during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities.
  • J4 Precision Jacket: J4 Precision Bullet Jackets are renowned for their consistency and concentricity, holding an impressive +/- .0003" tolerance. These hunting jackets are slightly thinner to allow for 2-3 inches of penetration before rapid expansion, creating extreme hydrostatic shock and a substantial wound cavity.

Product Information:

  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.243"
  • Bullet Weight: 87 Grains
  • OAL (Overall Length): 1.042"
  • Bullet Style: VLD Hunting
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 9" or faster
  • G1 BC (Ballistic Coefficient): 0.427
  • Part Number: 24524
  • Quantity: 100 rounds

Upgrade your hunting game with Berger Bullets' 6mm 87gr VLD Hunting ammunition. Experience precision and power while ensuring ethical kills. The innovative design and superior performance of these bullets make them the perfect choice for long-range hunting enthusiasts. Elevate your hunting experience today!

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VLD Hunting
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