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Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy Remington 700 Competition Trigger - Sear Insert, no Safety

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Bix'n Andy Remington 700 Competition Trigger - Sear Insert

Bix'n Andy Remington 700 Competition Trigger - Sear Insert

Welcome to the apex of precision shooting triggers! The Bix'n Andy Remington 700 trigger is a revolutionary product in the shooting world, employing a distinctive ball bearing mechanism. This advanced feature allows for nuanced trigger pull weight adjustments from as light as 1 ounce (approximately 0.06 pounds or 30 grams) to 25 ounces (about 1.56 pounds or 700 grams). The precision in the trigger break of the Bix N Andy model is extraordinary, with a consistency measured within a mere 0.03 ounce!

The upward force exerted on the top sear sets a new industry standard for being the lowest. Additionally, the let-off is remarkably crisp and consistent, surpassing expectations of shooters familiar with other leading brands such as Jewell. This level of precision is bound to impress even the most seasoned shooters.

Manufactured in Austria with cutting-edge technology, this trigger is a testament to high standards and innovation. The Bix N Andy Competition Trigger is a patented design and seamlessly integrates as a direct drop-in component for the Remington Model 700 Action. The package includes detailed installation instructions, adjustment tools, and a selection of spare parts, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Notably, the upgraded sear insert at the top of the trigger offers minor timing adjustments, adapting to changes in firing pin fall. This feature is particularly advantageous for specific shooting applications. All triggers come preset for standard centerfire benchrest applications, but they also cater to the preferences of the rimfire shooting community.

ItÕs no surprise that the Bix n Andy triggers were a part of the winning formula at prestigious events such as the 2013 NBRSA Nationals and the 2013 World Championships in Australia. Their growing popularity among top shooters is a testament to their exceptional performance and reliability.

Choose the Bix n Andy Remington 700 Competition Trigger for an unmatched shooting experience. Its innovative design, precision engineering, and consistent performance make it the preferred choice for those seeking to elevate their shooting prowess.

Join the ranks of elite shooters who trust the Bix n Andy trigger for their rifles. Experience the difference in precision, consistency, and reliability with this top-tier upgrade.

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
Competition Trigger
Safety Position:
No Safety
Single Stage
Receiver Type:
Remington 700
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