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Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport X, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, w/ Wide Smooth shoe

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Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport X Trigger, Single Stage with Top Left Safety and Wide Smooth Shoe

Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport X Trigger, Single Stage with Top Left Safety and Wide Smooth Shoe

Introducing the Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport X Trigger, a single-stage trigger equipped with top left safety and the Wide Smooth shoe. Built for extreme resilience, this trigger is perfect for PRS, competition shooting, or hunting, even in the most challenging conditions. It comes with a standard 3.8mm trigger stud for wide compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Trigger Pull Weight: Adjustable from 10 ounces to a solid 4.4 pounds, providing flexibility for various shooting disciplines.
  • Bolt Release: Removable, allowing for tailored maintenance and personalization.
  • Safety and Stage Options: Available with left or right upper safety, in both single stage and double stage configurations, to meet diverse shooting preferences.
  • Safety Lever: Removable, enhancing customizability for the shooter's comfort and security.

Enhance your shooting precision with our custom trigger shoe, designed for optimal fit and performance.

Refer to our trigger compatibility chart to find the ideal top sear for your TacSport X, ensuring a perfect match with your firearm system.

Detailed Description

The TacSport X is developed for shooters facing harsh environments. Its ball trigger system offers the lowest release force among triggers, significantly improving accuracy and facilitating a dry release.

Made with polished stainless steel internals and 7075 Aluminium housing, this trigger is exceptionally durable, protecting the mechanism from the elements. It also features a safety lever and a removable bolt release for enhanced versatility and durability.

Customizing the TacSport X is not only about personal preference; it's about optimizing performance. With the ability to be fine-tuned to your system's exact requirements, the TacSport X stands out as a unique, performance-enhancing tool for any shooter.

Additional Information

Weight: 70 grams (2.47 oz)

Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
TacSport X
Receiver Type:
Remington 700
Safety Position:
Top Left Safety
Single Stage
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