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Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy TacSport top sears - 3.6mm (0.142")

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Bix'n Andy TacSport Top Sears - Precision Trigger Sear Replacement

Bix'n Andy TacSport Top Sears

Elevate your rifle's performance with Bix'n Andy TacSport top sears - the key to optimizing your trigger's precision. These top sears are designed to replace the existing sear in the TacSport line of Bix'n Andy triggers, allowing you to fine-tune your trigger's top sear height for perfect engagement with your firing pin.

Adjustable Sear Heights:

Choosing the right sear height can significantly impact your rifle's performance. Bix'n Andy offers three options to cater to your specific needs:

  • Low - 3.6mm / 0.142": Ideal for shooters looking for a lower top sear height to achieve precise trigger engagement.
  • Medium - 3.8mm / 0.150" (Standard Sear): The standard sear included with the TacSport trigger, suitable for the majority of rifles.
  • High - 4.0mm / 0.157": Designed for those who require a higher top sear height to fine-tune their trigger performance.

Adjusting your trigger's sear height may seem like a technical alteration, but it can make a significant difference in your rifle's precision and firing pin engagement. The medium sear, which comes standard with the TacSport trigger, is suitable for most rifle applications.

However, for shooters seeking the utmost precision and control, having the option to switch to a low or high sear height provides the flexibility needed to achieve optimal trigger performance tailored to your preferences.

Upgrade Your Rifle's Trigger Performance:

Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your rifle's trigger. Bix'n Andy TacSport top sears offer a simple yet effective way to enhance your trigger's engagement and precision. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a precision enthusiast, having the ability to fine-tune your trigger is invaluable.

Explore the world of adjustable sear heights and experience the difference that Bix'n Andy TacSport top sears can make in your shooting experience. Elevate your rifle's trigger performance and achieve unparalleled precision. Upgrade to Bix'n Andy TacSport top sears today!

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    Bix top sear

    Posted by Michael on Aug 24th 2023

    Needed the low top sears for my rimx actions. Fast shipping

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