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Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader

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Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader: Optimal Solution for Benchrest Shooters


The Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader is an innovative accessory designed specifically for benchrest shooters. This specialized port loader is crafted to enhance the reloading process, ensuring efficiency and precision with each shot.

Design and Functionality

Secure Ammunition Handling

The Rail Gun Port Loader is engineered to hold loaded ammunition securely. This design minimizes the risk of damage to the ammunition during handling, ensuring that each round is maintained in perfect condition for firing.

Compatibility with Loader Block

For added functionality, the port loader is designed to fit seamlessly into a loader block, which is available for purchase separately. This compatibility allows for a more organized and streamlined reloading process, as the loader block can hold multiple port loaders simultaneously.

Bench Attachment for Stability

One of the key features of the Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader is its ability to be attached directly to a shooting bench. This setup provides a stable and consistent platform for reloading, which is critical in benchrest shooting where precision is paramount.

Enhanced Reloading Efficiency

Assisting Rapid Reloading

The port loader is specifically designed to assist in reloading your rifle after each single shot. This feature is particularly beneficial in competitive benchrest shooting, where time and accuracy are crucial. By facilitating quicker and more efficient reloading, shooters can maintain focus and consistency throughout their sessions.

Designed for Benchrest Shooting

Tailored for the unique needs of benchrest shooters, the Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader emphasizes precision, stability, and speed. Its design caters specifically to the conditions and requirements of benchrest competitions, making it an essential tool for serious competitors.


The Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader is a must-have for any benchrest shooter looking to enhance their reloading process. With its robust design, compatibility with additional accessories, and features aimed at improving reloading efficiency, this port loader represents a significant advancement in shooting accessories. Equip your benchrest setup with the Crawford Tool Rail Gun Port Loader and experience a new level of performance and convenience.

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