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Cutting Edge Bullets

Cutting Edge Bullets - .416 550gr SINGLE FEED Lazer- Tipped Hollow Point

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  • Cutting Edge Bullets .416 550gr Single Feed Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point bullet, featuring a copper body and a distinctive black tip, presented on a white background
  • Cutting Edge Bullets .416 550gr Single Feed Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point bullets neatly arranged in a durable, clear-lidded black polypropylene box with one bullet showcased in front of the box, emphasizing protection from scratches and dents.
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Maximize Your Long-Range Shooting with Cutting Edge Bullets' .416 550gr Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point

Unleash Long-Range Precision: .416 550gr Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point

Introducing the pinnacle of long-range hunting and shooting excellence: the .416 550gr SINGLE FEED Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point from Cutting Edge Bullets. Designed for shooters who demand precision and power, this bullet combines state-of-the-art engineering with innovative features to deliver unmatched performance.

Engineered for Excellence

Each bullet in our Lazer line is meticulously crafted from lead-free, solid copper bar stock on a CNC Swiss style lathe. The result is a high ballistic coefficient (BC) tipped hollow point bullet that offers superior long-range accuracy and devastating terminal performance. Our commitment to precision ensures a consistent BC across the Lazer line, making these bullets the top choice for extreme long-range (ELR) match shooters globally.

Revolutionary Terminal Performance

Unlike traditional bullets that mushroom upon impact, our Lazer-Tipped Hollow Points are designed to fracture. After penetrating 1-2 inches, three large petals break off and radiate outward in a star pattern, while the bullet's base continues to penetrate deeply. This unique fragmentation process ensures maximum energy transfer and a wide wound channel, providing effective terminal performance down to 1200fps.

Precision Manufacturing for Reliability

Our precise manufacturing process guarantees that each bullet within a box has a weight deviation of no more than 0.2 grain for calibers .308 and under, and 0.4 grain for calibers over .308. This commitment to quality ensures that shooters can rely on consistent performance shot after shot.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber: .416
  • Weight: 550gr
  • Required Twist Rate: 1:10" or faster
  • G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.024
  • G7 Ballistic Coefficient: .525
  • Overall Length (OAL): 2.556"
  • Projection Length: 1.924"
  • Minimum Impact Velocity Required for Expansion: 1200FPS

Designed for the Demanding Shooter

The .416 550gr Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point is the ultimate choice for serious shooters and hunters who require the best in long-range performance and terminal effectiveness. Whether you're competing in ELR matches or hunting big game, these bullets provide the precision, power, and reliability needed to succeed in any scenario.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and performance of Cutting Edge Bullets' .416 550gr Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point. Elevate your shooting experience and achieve remarkable results with every shot.

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Additional Information

.416 Cal
Model / Type:
Lazer-Tipped Hollow Point
Projectile Weight:
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