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Defiance Machine

Defiance, anTi X, SS, Nitride, Medium, RB, X-Deep anTi Fluting, 308, anTi Knob/Handle, BDL, Right Eject, Picatinny Integral 20 MOA, Integral Lug, Recessed Bolt Nose, M16 Extractor, Aluminum Shroud

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Defiance anTi X SS Nitride Medium RB for .308 - A Precision Rifle Action Overview

Introduction The Defiance anTi X SS Nitride Medium RB is specifically tailored for the .308 Winchester, a choice caliber for both competitive shooters and hunters. This precision rifle action integrates cutting-edge technology and materials to offer superior performance in a lightweight package. Weighing in at just 24.0 ounces, the anTi X represents the pinnacle of engineering designed to push the limits of precision shooting.

Superior Materials and Design The anTi X action is crafted from pre-hardened 416R stainless steel, providing a robust foundation that withstands the rigors of heavy use. The receiver is treated with a nitride finish enhancing its resistance to wear and corrosion, crucial for maintaining long-term reliability and performance.

  • Bolt Construction: The bolt is made from one piece of 4340 chrome moly steel, ensuring strength and providing guaranteed headspace accuracy of +/- .001″. This precision guarantees consistent performance essential for precision shooting.
  • Weight Reduction Innovations: The X-Deep anTi Fluting on the bolt not only reduces weight but also helps in cooling faster during repeated firing, maintaining the action’s performance under stress.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

  • Integral Scope Mounts and Recoil Lug: Features a 20 MOA integral rail that provides a solid platform for long-range optics, essential for achieving precision at extended distances. The integral recoil lug is crucial for absorbing the recoil and maintaining zero.
  • Mini-16 Extractor and Plunger Ejector: These features ensure reliable cartridge extraction and ejection, improving the smoothness and reliability of the bolt cycling, crucial during rapid firing sequences in competitive scenarios.

Customization and Compatibility

  • Magazine Compatibility: Designed to work with hinged floorplates and center-feed detachable magazines, the action is versatile and adaptable to various shooting disciplines. The .308 version specifically supports AICS/AW magazine cuts, offering flexibility for those preferring detachable magazines.
  • Bolt Face Options: Available in sizes from .390" to .595", the action can accommodate a range of cartridge dimensions, enhancing its versatility across different shooting needs.

Specifications and Manufacturing Excellence

  • Receiver Specifications: The receiver is machined from a single piece of stainless steel, ensuring integral strength and uniformity. The threading for the receiver barrel is standardized at 1.0625” X 16 T.P.I., compatible with Remington 700 barrel threads.
  • Manufacturing Process: All components are pre-hardened before machining, which is crucial in maintaining tight tolerances during the heat treat process. The wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways enhance the bolt’s smooth operation and prevent binding.

Included Components The complete action package includes:

  • Extensively machined receiver body with integral rail and recoil lug
  • One-piece bolt with anTi X Deep bolt fluting
  • Bolt stop, side bolt release, and associated spring and pin
  • Mini-16 extractor
  • Hollow anTi bolt knob
  • Fluted firing pin and spring
  • Cocking piece
  • Aluminum bolt shroud
  • Trigger pins

Conclusion The Defiance anTi X SS Nitride Medium RB for .308 Winchester is a highly refined tool for serious shooters aiming for top performance. With its blend of lightweight design, robust materials, and precision engineering, it sets a new standard in rifle action technology, offering unmatched accuracy and reliability for competitive shooting and hunting applications. Whether upgrading a current rifle or building a new custom setup, the anTi X provides the foundation for a top-tier shooting experience.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
anTi X
Stainless Steel
Round 1.35in
Bolt Orientation:
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Face Diameter:
.480 +/-
Bolt Knob Style:
Load Port:
Ejection Port:
Picatinny Rail:
Minute of Angle:
20 MOA
Recoil Lug:
Extractor Type:
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