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DonnyFL - EMPEROR (2x10.5), .22 - .25 Cal

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DonnyFL EMPEROR (2x10.5) Moderator for High Powered Airguns

The DonnyFL EMPEROR (2x10.5) is a top-tier moderator crafted for airgun enthusiasts who demand high power with minimal noise. Compatible with a broad spectrum of calibers, this moderator features a mono-core design for efficient sound reduction and the option to attach a 6.5-inch extender for an even quieter shooting experience.

Outstanding Features

  • Caliber Versatility: Designed for use with .22, .25, .30, .308, .357, .457, and .50 calibers.
  • Endcap Variety: Comes with endcaps for 1/2 x 20 UNF, M18x1 (big bore), and M20x1 (FX Impact/Wildcat), ensuring compatibility across a range of airguns.
  • High Precision Manufacturing: CNC machined for precision, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.
  • Construction: Constructed from durable 6061 Aluminum, intended exclusively for airgun applications.
  • Easy Handling: Features machined grooves on the exterior for enhanced grip and comes pre-wrapped in felt and stainless steel mesh for effective sound moderation.
  • Lightweight: Weighing approximately 16 ounces, it offers significant noise reduction without affecting the airgun's balance.

Enhanced Sound Reduction

For shooters looking to maximize noise reduction, the EMPEROR can be equipped with an optional 6.25-inch extender. This addition transforms the EMPEROR into the ultimate sound moderation solution for your high-powered airgun.

Secure Transport and Storage

Each EMPEROR moderator is provided with a protective red tube for secure transport and storage, ensuring it remains in perfect condition for your next shooting session.

Important: The EMPEROR is specifically designed for airguns and is not suitable for use with firearms. For more detailed information, please refer to our disclaimer.

Equip your airgun with the DonnyFL EMPEROR (2x10.5) moderator and experience the pinnacle of quiet and precise shooting.

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.25 Cal
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