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FatBoy Tripods

FatBoy - ARCA Rail, M-LOK

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  • Informative display of the FatBoy ARCA Rail for KeyMod interfaces, measuring 5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width, with a catch stop at 0.337 inches. The rail features the FatBoy logo and is shown with dimension markers. Below, a table confirms the size specifications, ensuring clarity for users looking to integrate this rail with their setup, presented on a white background for clear visibility.
  • Back view of the black FatBoy ARCA Rail designed for KeyMod attachment, showing the mounting hardware. The two bolted connection points ensure secure attachment to compatible systems. The image highlights the rail's robust construction and functional design, essential for quick and stable equipment setup, set against a white background to draw focus to the attachment points.
  • Technical layout of the FatBoy ARCA Rail for KeyMod systems, featuring a 5-inch length, 1.5-inch width, and a catch stop of 0.337 inches. The rail is illustrated with the dimensions labeled, accompanied by a specification chart below for quick reference. This visual guide is designed to inform users of the rail's exact size and compatibility, presented on a clean white background for easy reading.
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Enhance Precision with FatBoy Tripods M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount

Discover the superior functionality of the FatBoy Tripods M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount, an essential accessory crafted for accuracy and stability. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this high-quality mount is perfect for securely attaching a rifle or spotting scope cage to your tripod. Constructed with the finest materials, it ensures robust performance and fits perfectly with 1.5"/38mm Arca-Swiss tripod clamps. Explore the difference with the FatBoy M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount and optimize your shooting setup for enhanced precision.

Premium Build and Local Craftsmanship

The FatBoy M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount stands out due to its exceptional construction and commitment to quality:

  • USA-Made: Each rail mount is thoughtfully designed and meticulously manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing high standards and support for local industries.
  • Superior Materials: Using only the finest materials, this mount promises durability and reliable performance under various shooting conditions.

Specifications of the FatBoy M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount

This ARCA rail mount is not only built to last but also designed for ease of use and compatibility, featuring:

  • Length: 5 inches, allowing sufficient space for secure attachment.
  • Width: 1.5 inches, ideal for fitting standard Arca-Swiss tripod clamps smoothly.
  • Catch Stop: 3/32 inches, ensuring that mounted devices remain securely in place, preventing any movement during operation.

Versatility and User-Friendly Design

The M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount is crafted with the user in mind, offering:

  • Ease of Installation: Simple and straightforward to attach and detach, this mount allows you to set up your equipment quickly without any hassle.
  • Flexible Use: Perfect for various outdoor activities, whether you're into competitive shooting, hunting, or enjoying nature, this mount enhances the functionality of your equipment by providing a stable platform.


The FatBoy Tripods M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount is an indispensable upgrade for any serious shooter looking to enhance their equipment's stability and performance. With its robust construction, easy-to-use design, and precise fitting for Arca-Swiss clamps, this mount is a reliable choice for securing your shooting gear. Experience the convenience and improved accuracy with the FatBoy M-LOK ARCA Rail Mount—your solution for a better shooting experience.

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