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Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks - Cleaning Brush Bit

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  • Fix It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit - A precision tool attachment with a black handle and a row of orange bristles, ideal for maintenance and cleaning tasks, displayed on a white background
  • Vertical Fix It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit with orange bristles, designed for effective cleaning, set against a seamless white background.
  • Side view of a vertical Fix It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit with a black shaft and bright orange bristles, against a white backdrop, ideal for gun maintenance and cleaning.
  • Close-up image showing a Fix It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit in use with a ¼" driver, with text overlay stating 'WORKS WITH ANY ¼" DRIVER', highlighting compatibility for gun maintenance.
  • In-action photo of Fix It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit with a brass extension rod, highlighted as accepting 8-32 threaded attachments for greater reach, shown inserted into a firearm for deep cleaning.
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Fix-It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit - Precision Firearm Cleaning Tool

Fix-It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit - Precision Firearm Cleaning Tool

Take your firearm maintenance to the next level with the Fix-It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit. This custom-designed brush is your ideal companion for efficiently removing carbon and grime from firearms parts, ensuring that your firearms perform at their best with every use.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Cleaning: The Cleaning Brush Bit is engineered for precision cleaning. Its bristles are adept at tackling carbon buildup and grime, leaving your firearm parts spotless.
  • Compatibility: This versatile tool is compatible with any standard 1/4" driver, making it easy to integrate into your existing toolkit. Whether you use Fix It Sticks tools or our T-Way Wrench, this Cleaning Brush Bit is ready to serve.
  • Extended Reach: For even greater cleaning versatility, the Cleaning Brush Bit accepts 8/32" threaded attachments. This feature provides extended reach, allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas and maintain thorough firearm cleaning.

The Fix-It Sticks Cleaning Brush Bit is a must-have for firearm enthusiasts, gunsmiths, and anyone who values the performance and longevity of their firearms. Keeping your firearms clean has never been easier and more effective.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Cleaning Brush Bit and experience the precision and convenience it brings to your firearm maintenance. Discover the Fix-It Sticks difference today!

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