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FX Airguns - Crown STX Superlight Barrel Kit, .25 Cal, 600mm (FX20228)

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FX Crown STX Superlight Barrel Kit - .25 Cal, 600mm

FX Crown STX Superlight Barrel Kit - .25 Cal, 600mm (FX20228)

Discover the pinnacle of airgun performance with the FX Crown STX Superlight Barrel Kit. A revolutionary design that marries lightweight flexibility with uncompromising rigidity, this kit introduces an innovative sleeveless system to the FX Crown, setting a new standard for precision shooting.

Revolutionary Sleeveless Design

The FX Superlight Barrel Kit epitomizes innovation with its sleeveless barrel system. By eliminating the need for a heavy barrel sleeve and o-rings, the liner sits directly within the shroud, significantly reducing weight while maintaining structural integrity and accuracy.

Kit Components

  • FX Superlight Barrel & Shroud - Designed for optimal performance and ease of handling.
  • Pellet Probe - Ensures precise pellet seating and alignment for improved shot consistency.

Key Features

  • Lightweight & Rigid Construction - Enhances maneuverability without compromising on accuracy.
  • Compatibility - Specifically designed for the FX Crown, ensuring perfect fit and performance.
  • Easy Installation - Quick and straightforward setup allows shooters to upgrade their airgun effortlessly.

Note: Moderator is NOT included with this barrel kit.

Upgrade your FX Crown with the STX Superlight Barrel Kit for a transformative shooting experience. Experience unmatched accuracy and handling, whether in competition or casual shooting. Elevate your airgun's performance today.

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Additional Information

.25 Cal
600mm Barrel
Model / Type:
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