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FX Airguns - DRS .177 EXP Classic Walnut - 700 (FXDRS45032222)

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  • FX Airguns DRS .177 EXP Classic Walnut - 700, model FXDRS45032222, featuring a high-quality air rifle with a traditional walnut stock and a precision long barrel, designed for exceptional accuracy and durability in target shooting, ideal for enthusiasts who value a classic design with cutting-edge performance.
  • FX Airguns DRS .177 EXP Classic Walnut - 700, model FXDRS45032222, showcasing an air rifle with a sleek walnut stock and a precision-crafted barrel, designed for superior accuracy and handling in competitive target shooting, appealing to shooters who prefer a blend of timeless style and innovative technology.

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FX Airguns - DRS .177 EXP Classic Walnut - 700: Excellence in Precision Shooting

Introduction: Timeless Design Meets Modern Precision

The FX DRS Classic Walnut Airgun in the .177 EXP configuration with a 700mm barrel offers a seamless blend of classic aesthetics and advanced functionality. This model is meticulously crafted for shooters who value the tradition embedded in a high-quality Minelli walnut stock while demanding the performance features of a modern air rifle.

Premium Craftsmanship: Minelli Walnut Stock

Elegant and Traditional Appeal

Central to the FX DRS Classic Walnut's design is its exquisite Italian walnut stock from Minelli, renowned for its beauty and durability. This premium wood enriches the visual appeal of the airgun and provides a warm, rich tactile experience that enhances the overall shooting experience.

Innovative Air Tank Design

The FX DRS Classic Walnut stands out with its innovative over-the-barrel air tank, which not only maintains a traditional rifle look but also boosts barrel stability. This design eliminates the need for a conventional carbon fiber air bottle, ensuring a sleeker profile and better integration with the walnut stock.

Optimized for Performance and Comfort

  • Modular Plenum Design: The airgun features a modular plenum cleverly integrated to resemble a traditional magazine, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic while ensuring peak functionality.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Through detailed design adjustments, the FX DRS provides a balanced and comfortable handling experience, setting new standards for air rifle ergonomics.

Full-Featured for Diverse Shooting Disciplines

The FX DRS Classic is not merely a visually appealing piece; it is a fully functional, feature-rich rifle designed to meet the diverse needs of both hunters and competitive shooters:

  • Smooth Side Lever Action: Offers quick and reliable operation, enhancing the shooter's experience.
  • High-Capacity Magazine: Suitable for larger projectiles, making it ideal for various shooting disciplines.
  • Adjustable Trigger System: Allows for precise customization of the trigger settings to meet individual preferences, enhancing both comfort and accuracy.

Specifications Overview

  • Caliber Options: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 4.9lbs for the 500mm barrel, 5.2lbs for the 700mm barrel
  • Overall Length: 1042mm for the 700mm barrel
  • Barrel Length: 700mm for .177 caliber in this configuration
  • Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds for .177 caliber
  • Air Capacity: 260CC for the 700mm barrel
  • Cocking System: Smooth side lever
  • Fill Pressure: 230 BAR (3335 PSI)

Conclusion: The Essence of Swedish Minimalism

The FX DRS Classic Walnut - 700 in .177 caliber embodies 'Swedish Minimalism' as described by Matt Dubber—it offers everything a precision shooter needs without any unnecessary features. This air rifle combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, providing a powerful and precise tool for enhancing shooting capabilities. Whether for competition or leisure, this air rifle stands out as a piece of art equipped to perform at the highest levels.

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.177 Cal
700mm Barrel
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