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FX Airguns - FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve - 500mm .22cal (FX20804)

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FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve - 500mm .22cal (FX20804)

Introducing the revolutionary FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve, a groundbreaking accessory for your FX Airguns, designed to enhance the performance of your STX barrel. Initially tested and approved by renowned airgun experts Ernest Rowe and FX Airguns, this carbon fiber liner is now available to elevate your shooting experience.

Unmatched Barrel Performance

The FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve is engineered to fit seamlessly over your existing STX liner, replacing the need for the original support O-rings. It's crafted to provide:

  • Enhanced Stability: Offers unmatched rigidity to the barrel, ensuring consistent accuracy.
  • Improved Rigidity: The carbon fiber material ensures the barrel maintains its shape and alignment, even under the stress of high-power shots.
  • Optimized Harmonics: Reduces vibration and enhances the barrel's harmonics for precision shooting.

Available Lengths and Calibers

Customize your FX Airgun with a liner sleeve that matches your shooting needs. Available options include:

  • Lengths: 500mm, 600mm, 700mm
  • Calibers: .177, .22, .25, .30

Note: To accommodate the liner lock and barrel attachment, each sleeve is designed to be approximately 110mm shorter than the liner itself.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing the FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve is straightforward and transforms your STX barrel into a high-performance powerhouse. Ideal for shooters looking to achieve unparalleled accuracy, especially when operating at higher power settings.

Why Choose the FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve?

For the avid airgun shooter seeking to push their FX Airgun to its limits, the FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve is an indispensable upgrade. Its robust construction and ability to improve barrel performance make it a must-have for those pursuing the next level of shooting accuracy.

Upgrade your FX Airgun with the FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve today and experience the difference in stability, rigidity, and harmonics.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
500mm Barrel
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