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FX Airguns - FX Keller Digital Guage (FX19773)

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FX Airguns - Introducing the FX Keller Digital Gauge

Engineered in Switzerland, the FX Keller Digital Gauge (FX19773) is a cutting-edge precision instrument for FX Airguns, offering unparalleled accuracy and functionality. This digital gauge enhances the shooting experience with its versatile functions and Swiss-made quality.

Advanced Features for Precision Shooting

The FX Keller Digital Gauge is equipped with a multitude of functions designed to provide shooters with comprehensive data:

  • Two Display and Function Types: Easily switch between pressure display and shot display, including lifetime shots, via a simple button.
  • Auto-Off and Calibration: For energy efficiency and accurate measurements.
  • Pressure Gauge Types: Normal pressure display and pressure display with remaining shots and lifetime shots.

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure Range: 250 bar, with regulator settings for 150 bar and gas cylinder pressure between 230 Ð 250 bar.
  • Operating Temperature: 10 Ð 40¡C, with storage temperatures ranging from -30¡C to 80¡C.
  • Media Resistance: Air, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • LCD Display: Features 3 digits, bar display, shot symbol, caution symbol, and Batlow indicator.
  • Battery: CR1632 / 3V / 125 mAh, offering over 1 year of life with continuous use, and over 10 years when off.
  • Dimensions: ¯ 25.5 mm x 20 mm (28.5 mm), designed for compactness and ease of installation.
  • Pressure Connection: G1/8 thread with SW18 wrench size and 5 mm height.

FX AIRGUNS WIKA GAUGES: Precision Engineered for FX Airguns

Complementing the FX Keller Digital Gauge, FX Airguns also offers Wika Gauges, renowned for their precision and quality. Suitable for 250 bar and 300 bar working pressures, these gauges come standard on the FX Impact M3 and other models, underscoring FX Airguns' commitment to accuracy and quality.

Available Models:

  • Manometer 27mm WIKA 250bar with cover Ð Art no: 19775-1C
  • Manometer 27mm WIKA 300bar with cover Ð Art no: 19791-C

Upgrade your FX Airgun with the FX Keller Digital Gauge or Wika Gauges for an enhanced shooting experience. Precision, reliability, and Swiss quality elevate your airgun's performance to new heights.

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