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FX Airguns

FX Airguns - FX Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine, 16 Round, .25 Cal (FX20089)

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FX Airguns Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine - Maximize Your Shooting Experience

FX Airguns Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine: Precision and Capacity

Introducing the FX Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine (FX20089), a premium accessory for the serious airgun enthusiast. This .25 caliber magazine offers an exceptional 16-round capacity, ensuring that you have the firepower you need at your fingertips. Designed with precision and compatibility in mind, it's the perfect addition to your FX airgun arsenal.

Enhanced Compatibility and Convenience

The FX Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine is not just about increased capacity; it's about enhancing your shooting experience with unparalleled convenience and reliability. It fits seamlessly with several FX airgun models, including:

  • FX Crown
  • FX Maverick
  • FX Wildcat MkIII
  • FX Dreamline

In addition, it includes a second cover specifically designed for compatibility with the FX Panthera models, further extending its versatility across the FX range.

Key Features

Model: FX Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine (FX20089)

Caliber: .25

Capacity: 16 Rounds

Compatibility: Fits FX Crown, Maverick, Wildcat MkIII, and Dreamline models. Includes second cover for FX Panthera models.

Upgrade your FX airgun with the FX Standard Plus Side-Shot Magazine and experience the difference in precision, capacity, and convenience. Whether you're in competitive shooting or enjoying your shooting hobby, this magazine is designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment. Get ready to take your shooting experience to the next level with FX Airguns.

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