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FX Airguns

FX Airguns - Impact M3, Black - 600mm , .25, FXI343613

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FX Impact M3 Black: The Ultimate in Precision Airguns

FX Impact M3 Black: Redefining Precision Shooting

The FX Impact M3 Black, chambered in .25 caliber with a 600mm barrel, stands as a testament to what modern airguns can achieve. With its groundbreaking advancements and focus on creating the most advanced airgun, the Impact M3 elevates precision shooting to new heights.

Innovative Features for Unmatched Performance

  • Dual Regulators: The dual-stage regulation system reduces stress on the second regulator, ensuring a constant output pressure for improved accuracy.
  • FX Power Plenum 720: Provides the precise amount of air and power needed for projectile propulsion, enhancing power and efficiency.
  • Quick Tune System: A tool-free system that allows for fine-tuning of accuracy, offering unlimited customization possibilities.

Enhanced Usability and Accuracy

From the ambidextrous short throw cocking lever to the dual transfer ports and updated trigger mechanism, every aspect of the Impact M3 is designed for ease of use and pinpoint accuracy. The inclusion of 20 MOA on the scope rail and Dual Wika manometers further exemplifies its precision engineering.

Why Choose the FX Impact M3?

Choosing the FX Impact M3 means embracing the pinnacle of airgun innovation. Its unmatched accuracy, power, and versatility make it the preferred choice for competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts alike, continuing to push the boundaries of what an air rifle can achieve.

Step into the future of precision shooting with the FX Impact M3 Black. Experience the most advanced, exciting, and accurate air rifle available today. Unlock your shooting potential with the FX Impact M3.

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Additional Information

.25 Cal
600mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3
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