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FX Airguns - Impact M3, Bronze - 600mm , .30 (FXI353123)

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FX Impact M3 Bronze - The Pinnacle of Airgun Performance

The FX Impact M3, in its stunning Bronze finish and equipped with a 600mm barrel in .30 caliber, represents the zenith of modern airgun technology. As a revolutionary product that has set new benchmarks in the airgun industry, the Impact M3 continues to push the limits of compressed air to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and power.

Revolutionary Dual Regulator System

The M3's innovation begins with its dual regulator system. The first regulator pre-reduces air pressure, alleviating stress on the second regulator. This results in a more consistent output pressure, with minimized standard deviations, enhancing shot-to-shot consistency.

FX Power Plenum 720: A New Era of Airgun Energy

At the heart of the Impact M3's performance lies the FX Power Plenum 720. This advanced plenum, with its increased diameter and 72cc volume, supplies precise air quantities and the necessary power to propel projectiles with unmatched efficiency.

The Quick Tune System: Precision at Your Fingertips

The M3's user interface, the Quick Tune System, allows for comprehensive, tool-free adjustments. From modifying air pressure and valve timing to fine-tuning hammer strength via micro and macro adjustments, shooters can achieve unparalleled accuracy tailored to their specific needs.

Unrivaled Enhancements for Superior Performance

  • Ambidextrous short-throw cocking lever with an enlarged handle for enhanced operation.
  • Dual transfer ports across most calibers for optimal airflow.
  • Improved barrel and breech tolerances for increased accuracy and compatibility with the Side-Shot Magazine.
  • An updated trigger mechanism that provides a crisp, clean break and adjustable positioning.
  • Integrated 20 MOA scope rail for long-range shooting accuracy.
  • Dual Wika manometers for precise air pressure monitoring.

The FX Impact Legacy

The FX Impact is not just an airgun; it's a statement of innovation, performance, and versatility. Dominating competitions and favored by shooters worldwide, the Impact M3 enhances this legacy, proving itself as the most advanced, accurate, and capable airgun on the market today.

Experience the future of airgunning with the FX Impact M3 Bronze. It's not just an investment in a rifle; it's an investment in unparalleled performance and precision that will redefine your shooting experience.

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Additional Information

.30 Cal
600mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3
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