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Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics - Super Precision 30MM Extended Length, Black

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  • image of a Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in a black finish, specifically the extended length version. This mount is crafted for attaching a scope with a 30mm tube diameter to a firearm, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance. The black finish is sleek, providing a universal appeal that matches well with various firearm designs, and is preferred for its non-reflective qualities in tactical situations. Geissele's mounts are recognized for their robust construction and precision, which are critical for maintaining zero and ensuring the accuracy and repeatability needed by shooters and professionals alike.
  • The Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount, presented in black, offers a robust and tactical aesthetic. Its extended length configuration ensures compatibility with various firearm platforms and user preferences for eye relief. The mount's construction is tailored to offer unwavering stability for the scope, critical for precision shooting. The black finish is not only practical for reducing visibility and glare but also adds to the durability, resisting wear and corrosion. Geissele's reputation for producing high-quality, dependable shooting accessories is evident in the meticulous design of this scope mount.
  • This image presents a frontal view of the Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in black. The design and finish provide a clear indication of the functionality and ruggedness that such a mount offers, with a focus on precision to ensure a secure fit and alignment for the scope it is intended to hold. The black finish contributes to its stealthy appearance, reducing the likelihood of glare that could give away a shooter's position. The mount's extended length allows for greater adjustment options, accommodating various firearm setups and user preferences. Geissele’s products are well-regarded in the shooting community for their high-quality construction and reliable performance.
  • image of the Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in black, featuring an extended length design. This piece of equipment is crafted to offer a reliable mounting solution for rifle scopes, ensuring that they remain secure and properly aligned for accurate shooting. The black finish not only provides a sleek and professional appearance but also serves practical purposes, such as reducing reflection and glare. The robust construction and precision engineering are indicative of Geissele's commitment to quality in their products.
  • Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in a matte black finish, showing the product's detailed machining and the extended length design. The black finish is not just for style—it's functional, minimizing glare and providing a discreet profile in various environments. Geissele is known for their precision engineering, and this scope mount is clearly designed to offer a secure and stable platform for a rifle scope, enhancing a shooter’s accuracy and reliability.
  • rear perspective of the Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in black. This angle allows us to see the locking mechanisms and the overall structural design that contributes to the mount's rigidity and stability. The black finish is consistent throughout, indicative of a thoughtful manufacturing process aimed at providing both aesthetic appeal and functional resilience. Geissele's commitment to quality ensures that such mounts offer reliable performance to precision shooters who require the utmost in optic security and alignment.
  • Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount with an extended length, finished in black. From this vantage point, the image captures the intricate design of the mount’s central bridge and the rings that would secure the scope. The mount's black finish is designed to be non-reflective, which is essential for maintaining concealment in various tactical situations. The precision engineering Geissele is known for is evident, ensuring that the mounted optic will remain steady and accurate through repeated use.
  • Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in a black finish. It’s an extended length version designed for firearms that allows users to mount a 30mm diameter scope. The black finish is uniform and non-reflective, which is beneficial for both stealth and avoiding potential distraction from glare. This mount is characterized by its large, circular cutouts for the scope, the prominent Geissele branding, and the precision-engineered construction that Geissele is known for. The attention to detail in the design aims to provide a reliable, secure fit for the scope, ensuring that it remains stable under various conditions and maintains accuracy.
  • Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30mm Scope Mount in an extended length configuration, finished in black. The photograph highlights the circular openings for the scope, the robust side clamping mechanism for rail attachment, and the detailed construction of the mount. The black finish ensures minimal reflectivity, which is often preferred in tactical environments. Geissele is renowned for their precision machining and the durability of their products, both of which are apparent in the design of this scope mount.

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Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30MM Extended Length Scope Mount - Black

Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30MM Extended Length Scope Mount in Black

Introducing the pinnacle of tactical precision, the Geissele Automatics Super Precision¨ 30MM Extended Length Scope Mount, meticulously designed for the AR-15/M4 platform. This elite scope mount series is engineered for unparalleled stability and accuracy, setting the standard for high-performance shooting accessories.

Optimized Design for AR-15/M4

The Super Precision series embraces an optimized design specifically for the AR-15/M4 upper, spanning 7 picatinny sections with a robust attachment system. Utilizing 4 shear lugs and GeisseleÕs advanced nut and bolt clamping method, it guarantees a secure attachment to the picatinny rail, delivering an unmatched 1,400 pounds of clamping force. This innovative approach significantly surpasses traditional lever mounting systems in security and reliability.

Unrivaled Construction Quality

Constructed from 7075-T6 High Strength Aluminum, the Super Precision Mounts offer durability and reliability under the most demanding conditions. Crafted from a single piece of billet aluminum, this design strategy not only enhances strength and rigidity through strategic pockets and ribs but also ensures an impeccable return to zero. The meticulous line bore operation and serialization of the caps to the body afford a perfect fit and protect your scope from damage during installation, allowing for the correct application of torque.

Versatile Mounting Options

Available in Standard, Extended, and Hyper Extended lengths, the Geissele Super Precision Mounts cater to a wide array of scopes, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for various shooting needs. Each mount is offered in either a sleek black type 3 hard coat anodize or the distinctive proprietary DDC (Desert Dirt Color) type 3 hard coat anodize, providing options to match your tactical gear and preferences.

Why Choose Geissele Super Precision Mounts?

  • Superior clamping force for the most secure attachment
  • High-strength 7075-T6 aluminum construction for durability
  • Single-piece machining for added strength and a reliable return to zero
  • Compatibility with a wide range of scopes
  • Available in black or Desert Dirt Color to match your tactical setup

Upgrade your AR-15/M4 with the Geissele Automatics Super Precision 30MM Extended Length Scope Mount and experience the ultimate in precision and reliability. Choose the trusted name in tactical gear for superior performance and durability.

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