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Gray Ops CNC

Gray Ops CNC - MPA Matrix Pro XL - Steel (Side Rail XL)

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Gray Ops CNC MPA Matrix Pro XL Steel Side Rail Weights - Precision Balance and Stability

Gray Ops CNC MPA Matrix Pro XL Steel Side Rail Weights: Enhancing Rifle Balance and Stability

Introducing the Gray Ops CNC MPA Matrix Pro XL Steel Side Rail Weights, a premium addition to your MPA BA Comp/Matrix/Matrix Pro Chassis. These weights are expertly designed for competitive shooters who require the perfect balance point and improved rifle stability for precision shooting.

Optimized Balance for Precision Shooting

These steel side rail weights are crafted to provide the ideal balance point for your rifle. When combined with the MPA Competition Side Rails, they enhance the rifle's overall stability, enabling shooters to achieve a more controlled and stable shooting platform.

Superior Recoil Reduction

The added weight of these side rails significantly reduces recoil, allowing for steadier shots and improved accuracy. This reduction in recoil is crucial for maintaining focus on the target and achieving consistent, precise follow-up shots.

Enhanced Grip for Rifle Control

The textured top surface of the weights ensures maximum grip when driving your rifle, providing an additional layer of control and stability during shooting. This feature is particularly beneficial in competitive scenarios where every fraction of a second counts.

Durable Construction and Finish

Machined from 1018 cold rolled steel and finished with a black nitride coating, these side rail weights offer superior corrosion and rust resistance. The robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making them a reliable choice for rigorous shooting activities.

Versatile Accessory Integration

Each weight includes built-in flush cup locations for sling and accessory attachment, offering versatility in customizing your setup. With four total flush cup locations per kit, you can easily attach various accessories to enhance your shooting experience.

Easy Installation and Specifications

The Gray Ops CNC MPA Matrix Pro XL Steel Side Rail Weights come with all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. Weighing 1.5LBS per set and measuring 6.16 inches in length and 0.88 inches in height, they are an ideal addition for shooters seeking added stability without excessive bulk.


The Gray Ops CNC MPA Matrix Pro XL Steel Side Rail Weights are an essential upgrade for competitive shooters looking to optimize their rifle's balance and stability. With their heavy-duty construction, recoil reduction capabilities, and ergonomic design, these weights are poised to elevate your precision shooting performance.

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