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GRS Rifle Stocks - GRS Rifle Bipod & Adapter Set (105842)

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  • GRS Stocks - GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842). Image showcasing a high-quality, adjustable bipod with two extended legs and a black finish, alongside its adapter set. The bipod is engineered for stability and precision, featuring robust mechanical joints and adjustable leg positioning, ideal for supporting rifles in various shooting conditions. The compact adapter included allows for quick attachment and detachment from the rifle stock.
  • GRS Stocks - GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842) in use on a snow-covered ground. Close-up image of a tactical rifle supported by a durable GRS bipod with extended legs and a sturdy adapter set. The bipod is positioned on snowy terrain, demonstrating its stability and grip with clawed feet. The background features a forest and snow-covered mountains, emphasizing the bipod’s utility in harsh, winter conditions and its role in precision shooting.
  • Precision shooting setup featuring a GRS bipod and adapter set (105842) supporting a rifle equipped with a GRS stock, positioned on a rocky shoreline. The rifle overlooks a serene lake with snow-capped mountains in the background, reflecting the harsh yet breathtaking shooting environment. The green color of the GRS stock complements the natural surroundings, while the bipod provides stability on uneven terrain, showcasing the gear's ruggedness and suitability for outdoor use.
  • Close-up of a GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842) attached to a precision rifle, showcasing its sleek black finish and sturdy construction. The bipod is extended and adjusted to support the rifle's barrel, which is equipped with a high-powered scope and a silencer. This setup highlights the bipod’s capability for providing stable, adjustable support, crucial for precision shooting and tactical scenarios.


GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842): Enhance Your Shooting Accuracy

Overview of the GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (SKU: 105842)

The GRS Bipod & Adapter Set is a comprehensive solution designed to boost the stability and accuracy of your shooting. This set is the ideal match for shooters looking to enhance the functionality of their rifles with a dependable, stable, and easily adjustable shooting platform. Compatible with models like the Bifrost, Warg, and Ragnarok, this set is versatile and highly functional.

Key Features of the GRS Bipod & Adapter Set

Quick and Effective Mounting

The Spigot Adapter set included in this package allows for swift and secure attachment of the GRS Bipod to Picatinny rails. This feature ensures that you can easily mount and dismount the bipod as needed, making it ideal for various shooting scenarios.

Enhanced Stability and Control

The GRS Bipod is celebrated for its exceptional stability and adjustability. The design of the top-mounted bipod delivers recoil straight back to the shooter, effectively minimizing upward recoil and enhancing shot accuracy. This makes it an excellent choice for precision shooters.

Adjustable Swivel Tension

The Locking Lever is a standout feature, providing ample leverage to adjust the swivel tension effortlessly with just your fingers. This allows shooters to fine-tune the stability of the bipod, ensuring the rifle remains steady and secure during use.

Complete Set for Ultimate Performance

The GRS Bipod & Adapter Set includes:

  • Spigot: Facilitates quick and effective mounting.
  • Spigot Adapter: Allows for the attachment of the GRS Bipod and most VersaPod bipods to Picatinny rails.
  • Bipod: Offers top-notch stability and adjustability.
  • Locking Lever: Adjusts swivel tension to ensure a stable and precise shooting setup.

Specifications of the GRS Bipod & Adapter Set

  • Compatibility: Fits models such as Bifrost, Warg, and Ragnarok.
  • Material: Made from 6061 aluminum and A4 stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.


The GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (SKU: 105842) is an essential addition for any serious shooter looking to enhance their rifle's stability and shooting accuracy. With its quick mounting capabilities, adjustable features, and robust construction, this set provides an extremely stable and effective solution for precision shooting tasks. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or tactical applications, the GRS Bipod & Adapter Set is designed to deliver superior performance.

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