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GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842)

GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842)

The GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842) is the perfect top-mounted bipod designed for shooters dedicated to long-range precision. This heavy-duty and rugged bipod is easy to operate and can withstand the most demanding shooting conditions. It's crafted to provide unmatched stability and adjustability, making it the ideal companion for prone shooting.

Key Features:

  • Spring-Operated Adjustments: The bipod features spring-operated adjustments in the length, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup.
  • Lockable Side Tilt: Enjoy precise control with lockable side tilt functionality.
  • Height Adjustable: The bipod's height is adjustable from 8.66 to 12.4 inches (220 mm to 315 mm) in 0.39-inch (10 mm) increments, catering to various shooting needs.
  • Pivoting Feet: The bipod is equipped with pivoting feet designed for different shooting surfaces, featuring one smooth and one clawed side for maximum versatility.
  • Top and Bottom Mounting: It's suitable for both top and bottom-mounted applications, compatible with GRS forend- or adapter-mounted spigots.


The GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842) is compatible with the following GRS models:

  • Bifrost
  • Warg
  • Ragnarok

Specifications for Accessories:

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.6 lb (750 grams)
  • Length: Adjustable from 8.66 to 12.4 inches (220 mm to 315 mm)

For mounting on a GRS Bifrost, a GRS Spigot is required. When mounting on a GRS Warg or GRS Ragnarok, both a GRS Spigot and adapter are necessary. The set also includes the GRS locking lever, allowing you to lock or unlock the swivel using only your fingers.

Enhance your shooting precision with the GRS Bipod & Adapter Set (105842). Its durability, adjustability, and compatibility with GRS models make it a top choice for long-range shooters. Order now and experience the perfect bipod for your shooting needs!

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