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Hart Barrels

Hart Barrel - SS, 6.5mm, H# Heavy Palma, 8 twist, 28'' blank, 6 Groove

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Hart Barrel 6.5mm H# Heavy Palma: The Pinnacle of Precision Shooting

Hart Barrel - SS, 6.5mm, H# Heavy Palma, 8 Twist, 28'' Blank, 6 Groove

Embrace unmatched accuracy with the Hart Barrel SS 6.5mm H# Heavy Palma, a top choice for precision shooting enthusiasts. This barrel is not just a component; it's a symbol of superior engineering and craftsmanship. Designed for the discerning shooter, it's the key to achieving unparalleled accuracy and consistency in long-range shooting.

Excellence in Craftsmanship

Made from premium stainless steel, every Hart Barrel is a product of precision engineering. This meticulous process ensures uniform dimensions and perfect concentricity, guaranteeing that each shot you take is precise, time after time.

Maximizing the 6.5mm Caliber's Potential

Chambered for the versatile 6.5mm, this barrel is ideal for a range of shooting applications, from competitive precision events to long-range hunting. The 6.5mm's renowned ballistic properties, combined with Hart's precision, make this barrel a formidable component in your shooting arsenal.

Optimized Twist Rate

The 8 twist rate is expertly tailored for the 6.5mm caliber, ensuring optimal bullet spin and stability. This feature is crucial for achieving tight groupings and precise shot placement, regardless of bullet weight or type.

Durability and Longevity

Built to withstand challenging environments and maintain peak performance, the Hart Barrel is a testament to durability. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion and wear, ensuring your investment endures through extensive use.

Customization for Your Shooting Style

Understanding the unique needs of each shooter, Hart Barrels offers customization options to align perfectly with your preferences and requirements. This ensures that your barrel is not just a part of your rifle but an extension of your precision shooting skills.

Unwavering Commitment to Accuracy

Choosing a Hart Barrel means opting for a product trusted by precision shooters worldwide. Known for consistent accuracy and tight shot groups, Hart Barrels stand at the forefront of precision shooting equipment.

In your quest for precision shooting excellence, the Hart Barrel SS 6.5mm H# Heavy Palma, 8 Twist, 28" Blank, 6 Groove stands as an essential tool. It represents the perfect fusion of advanced manufacturing, premium materials, and stringent quality control, all geared towards helping you achieve your shooting goals. Elevate your long-range shooting experience with Hart Barrel, where precision meets performance.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
H# Heavy Palma
28in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 08.00in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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