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Hawkins Precision - 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount 40MOA with Picatinny Rail 1.5" (912-2002.02)

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Unleash Tactical Precision: Hawkins Precision 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount 40MOA with Picatinny Rail 1.5" (912-2002.02) Introducing the Hawkins Precision 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount 40MOA with Picatinny Rail 1.5" (912-2002.02), a powerhouse of precision engineering and tactical prowess. Meticulously designed to provide an unrivaled advantage, this mount seamlessly combines robust construction, precise craftsmanship, and an integrated Picatinny rail to redefine accuracy, durability, and tactical readiness. Key Features: Exemplary Craftsmanship: Hawkins Precision stands for excellence, and the 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount reflects this commitment. Each mount is expertly crafted through precision machining and premium materials, ensuring unparalleled durability and consistent performance, even in the harshest conditions. 34mm Compatibility: Engineered to accommodate 34mm scope tubes, these rings provide a secure fit that minimizes movement. This compatibility ensures that your optic remains steadfastly aligned, even during high-stress tactical engagements. 40MOA Elevation: With an integral 40-Minute of Angle (MOA) elevation, this mount is engineered for precision at extended distances. The 40MOA elevation compensates for bullet drop, facilitating accurate long-range shots and giving you a significant advantage. Integrated Picatinny Rail: A standout feature of this mount is its integrated Picatinny rail. Serving as a versatile platform for mounting tactical accessories, the rail empowers you to attach lasers, lights, and other mission-critical tools, enhancing your tactical readiness. Tactical Resilience: Engineered to provide unwavering stability, the 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount ensures your optic maintains its zero, even in high-pressure tactical scenarios. The one-piece design, combined with precision machining, guarantees a reliable connection, while the integrated Picatinny rail offers a secure foundation for essential gear. Precision Enhancement: By upholding optimal optic alignment, this mount significantly contributes to heightened shooting accuracy. The stability it provides empowers you to consistently engage targets with unshakeable confidence, positioning it as a vital tool for tactical and long-range marksmanship. Effortless Setup: Designed for user convenience, this mount's installation process is streamlined. Supplied with Torx screws and clear instructions, you can swiftly and confidently set up your optics and tactical attachments, minimizing downtime and maximizing range time. Why Choose Hawkins Precision: Renowned for their dedication to quality, innovation, and precision, Hawkins Precision has earned the trust of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their commitment to excellence has solidified their reputation as a premier provider of firearm accessories. The 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount 40MOA with Picatinny Rail 1.5" (912-2002.02) exemplifies Hawkins Precision's unwavering pursuit of perfection. By choosing this mount, you're investing in a product that elevates your tactical capabilities, providing you with the tools to excel in high-pressure situations. Conclusion: Elevate your tactical expertise with the Hawkins Precision 34mm Heavy Tactical One Piece Mount 40MOA with integrated Picatinny rail (912-2002.02). Engineered for unrivaled accuracy, resilience, and adaptability, this mount offers a solid foundation for optics and tactical attachments. With its 40MOA elevation and integrated rail, it stands as a vital asset for precision marksmanship and tactical engagements. Opt for Hawkins Precision to gain a decisive edge in tactical scenarios and redefine your shooting capabilities.
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Minute of Angle:
40 MOA
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