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Hines Tactical Jackets

Hines Tactical Jackets - 6.5mm 1.325" (1000)

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Hines Tactical Jackets for 6.5mm Bullets - Precision Engineered for Accuracy

Hines Tactical Jackets for 6.5mm Bullets: A Reloader's Dream

Precision shooting and reloading demand the utmost in consistency and accuracy. Meet Hines Tactical Jackets for 6.5mm bullets, the ultimate solution for reloaders and marksmen seeking the pinnacle of performance. Available in a pack of 1000, these jackets are designed to elevate your shooting precision to new heights.

Unmatched Consistency in Engineering

At the heart of Hines Tactical Jackets is a steadfast commitment to precision engineering. Each jacket, measuring 1.325 inches, is crafted to exact standards, ensuring uniformity in length, diameter, and weight for consistent dimensions and superior on-target accuracy.

Tailored for 6.5mm Bullets

Specifically designed for 6.5mm bullets, these jackets provide a perfect fit, ensuring true flight and stability for enhanced accuracy at long ranges. The tailored 1.325-inch length accommodates various 6.5mm bullet cores, making them a versatile choice for different shooting disciplines.

Exceptional Durability

Constructed from high-quality materials, Hines Tactical Jackets are engineered to withstand the rigors of high-velocity shooting. Their durability enhances the aerodynamic properties of your bullets, contributing to better ballistic performance and stability in flight.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The versatility of these jackets allows for compatibility with a range of bullet core materials, including lead and copper. This adaptability, combined with ease of assembly, makes them a popular choice among experienced reloaders and newcomers alike.

Cost-Effective Bulk Packaging

Offering excellent value, the 1000-count pack enables the production of a substantial quantity of premium ammunition. This bulk packaging is not only convenient but also cost-effective, allowing you to focus resources on other essential reloading components.

Enhancing Your Shooting Performance

Engineered for precision, Hines Tactical Jackets optimize the ballistic performance of your ammunition. From competitive shooting to hunting, these jackets will significantly improve accuracy, penetration, and terminal performance, ensuring each shot is precise.

Trusted by Professionals

Hines Tactical Jackets have earned the trust of professional marksmen, reloaders, and competitive shooters worldwide. Our commitment to excellence means you're investing in your reloading success, not just purchasing a product.


Elevate your reloading game with Hines Tactical Jackets for 6.5mm bullets, 1.325 inches long. Experience the difference in accuracy, consistency, and performance with each pack of 1000. Choose Hines Tactical Jackets and achieve unparalleled precision with every shot.

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