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Hornady Bullets - 6.5mm .264 135 Gr A-Tip Match (1-8.5") (26179) (Qty 100)

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Hornady 6.5mm .264 135 Gr A-Tip Match Bullets - Precision Redefined

Hornady 6.5mm .264 135 Gr A-Tip Match Bullets: The Apex of Shooting Precision

Introducing the Hornady 6.5mm .264 135 Gr A-Tip Match bullets, product number 26179. Crafted after years of research and testing by the Hornady¨ Ballistic Development Group, these bullets are the epitome of low drag and high performance for match shooting. Designed to redefine precision, these bullets are a must-have for serious competitors.

Advanced Tip Design for Superior Stability

The precision machined aluminum tip is significantly longer than traditional polymer tips, enhancing inflight stability and moving the center of gravity forward. This aeroballistically advanced design leads to tighter groups and reduced drag variability, ensuring your shots are on target every time.

Exceptional Performance and Consistency

  • High Ballistic Coefficient: With a G1 BC of .637 and a G7 BC of .321, these bullets offer low drag and are forgiving of twist rate, seating depth, and muzzle velocity variations.
  • AMP¨ Bullet Jacket: The refined design of the AMP¨ bullet jacket delivers industry-leading uniformity and concentricity, contributing to the bullet's exceptional accuracy and consistency.
  • Sequential Packaging: Bullets are packaged sequentially right off the press, ensuring minimal handling and maximum consistency from bullet to bullet.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 6.5mm .264
  • Product Line: A-Tip¨ Match
  • Sectional Density: .277
  • Twist Rate: 1:8.5Ó (Minimum Recommended)
  • Weight: 135 GR
  • Application: Target/Match
  • Box Count: 100
  • Item #: 26179

Whether you're engaging in long-range competitions or precision target shooting, the Hornady 6.5mm .264 135 Gr A-Tip Match bullets provide the accuracy, consistency, and performance you need to excel. Embrace the pinnacle of shooting precision and elevate your match performance with Hornady's advanced bullet technology and innovation.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
A-Tip Match
Projectile Weight:
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