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Hornady - Decapping Die (050085)

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Hornady Decapping Die

Hornady Decapping Die (050085)

The Hornady¨ Universal Decapping Die is a crucial tool for reloaders, designed to facilitate the decapping of cartridge cases before the sizing process. This die is built for durability and ease of use, ensuring that your reloading process is as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Key Features:

  • Universal Design: Can decap cartridge cases from .223 Remington¨ and larger, making it versatile for a wide range of reloading needs.
  • Durable Decapping Rod: The tough decapping rod is designed to handle even the most stubborn primers, ensuring a clean decap every time.
  • Not Suitable for Berdan Primed Cases: It's important to note that this decapping die is not intended for use with Berdan primed cases, focusing on the more common Boxer primed cases.

Whether you're a seasoned reloader or just starting out, the Hornady Universal Decapping Die is an essential addition to your reloading bench. Its robust construction and universal design make it a reliable tool for preparing your cases for the next steps in the reloading process.

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
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