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Hottenstein Bullets

Hottenstein - 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Detsch) (Qty 500)

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Hottenstein 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Detsch) - Precision Reloaded

Elevate Your Precision Shooting with Hottenstein 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets

Introducing the pinnacle of shooting precision - the Hottenstein 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Detsch), now available in a bulk quantity of 500. Designed for the competitive shooter and precision enthusiast, these bullets are the embodiment of accuracy and excellence.

Key Features

  • Precision Engineering: Meticulously crafted for uniformity in weight, shape, and dimensions, ensuring exceptional accuracy and tight groupings.
  • Ballistic Tip Innovation: Features an advanced ballistic tip for superior aerodynamics and a higher ballistic coefficient, ideal for both short and long-range precision shooting.
  • Bulk Quantity Advantage: Available in a bulk pack of 500, perfect for extensive practice sessions and competitive use.
  • Detsch Signature Quality: Carrying the Detsch signature as a mark of quality and precision, trusted by experienced marksmen.
  • Consistent Performance: Engineered with advanced manufacturing techniques for reliable, consistent performance shot after shot.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for benchrest competitions, range practice, and long-range shooting, adapting to various precision shooting disciplines.

Why Choose Hottenstein Bullets?

The Hottenstein 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets are not just ammunition; they are a key to unlocking your full shooting potential. With their unmatched precision and consistency, these bullets provide a significant advantage whether you are in a competition or perfecting your skills on the range.

Embrace the superior quality and performance that Hottenstein Bullets offer. Upgrade to the Hottenstein 6mm 66.5gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Detsch) and experience the difference in your shooting accuracy and results.

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