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Hottenstein Bullets

Hottenstein - 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi) Qty 500

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Hottenstein 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi) - Bulk Pack of 500

Hottenstein 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi) - Qty 500

Experience the zenith of shooting accuracy with Hottenstein 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi), now available in a substantial bulk quantity of 500. Meticulously crafted, these bullets are the embodiment of precision and excellence, designed to significantly enhance your shooting experience.

Key Features

  1. Precision Engineering: Each bullet is a testament to precision craftsmanship, with uniform weight, shape, and dimensions that translate into extraordinary accuracy and tight groupings.
  2. Ballistic Tip Innovation: Equipped with an advanced ballistic tip, these bullets deliver superior aerodynamics and a higher ballistic coefficient, ensuring minimal wind drift and a flatter trajectory for both short and long-range shots.
  3. Bulk Quantity Advantage: The set includes 500 bullets, offering ample opportunity for extended practice sessions, competitive shooting, and skill enhancement without the concern of running low on ammunition.
  4. Niemi Signature Quality: These bullets bear the signature of Niemi, synonymous with quality and precision in the shooting community, making them a top choice for experienced marksmen.
  5. Consistent Performance: Created using advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials, these bullets guarantee steady performance shot after shot.
  6. Versatile Excellence: Whether for benchrest competitions, range practice, or long-range precision shooting, these bullets are versatile enough to meet various shooting demands.

Enhance Your Shooting Accuracy

The Hottenstein 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi) represent more than just ammunition; they symbolize a commitment to unparalleled precision and shooting performance. Suitable for competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts, this bulk pack is key to achieving and maintaining top-notch shooting capabilities.


Join the elite group of marksmen who trust Hottenstein for their precision shooting needs. Whether competing or simply aiming to enhance your skills, these bullets are engineered to assist in consistently hitting your target. Elevate your shooting experience Ð choose Hottenstein 6mm 67.3 gr BT Benchrest Bullets (Niemi) for precision and performance that truly make a difference.

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