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Insite Arms

Insite Arms - Heathen Gen 2, Stainless, .30 Cal, 4 Port, 0.995 Diameter, Nitride, 5/8x24, Muzzle Brake

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Insite Arms Heathen Gen 2 Muzzle Brake - .30 Cal, 4 Port

Insite Arms Heathen Gen 2 Muzzle Brake - .30 Cal, 4 Port

Introducing the Insite Arms Heathen Gen 2 Muzzle Brake for .30 caliber firearms, a precision-engineered solution designed to significantly improve recoil management and muzzle stability. This latest iteration builds on the success of the original Heathen design, incorporating enhanced features tailored for competition shooters and long-range precision enthusiasts.

Enhanced Design for Optimal Performance

The Gen 2 Heathen Muzzle Brake features four ports of optimized size and angle, ensuring efficient discharge of gases to reduce recoil and muzzle rise. This design not only maintains the shooter's sight picture and alignment with the target but also minimizes ground disturbance and debris kick-up.

Advanced Features for Precision Shooting

Key advancements include a 50% increase in the first port volume and a 24-degree increase in the upward angle cut-out of the port window, effectively reducing muzzle rise. The brake's base has been enhanced with a 12% increase in area to further minimize blast effects on the shooting environment. The frontal angle of the first port has been precisely angled to direct gases upward, mitigating muzzle rise while preserving the shooter's line of sight.

Optional Brass Tuner for Barrel Harmonics

The Heathen Gen 2 also offers integral grooves for an optional brass tuning weight, enabling shooters to fine-tune barrel harmonics for unparalleled accuracy. This feature embodies the principle of a traditional tuner, now seamlessly integrated into the muzzle brake's design.


  • Caliber: .30
  • Ports: 4, optimized for jetted gas discharge
  • Thread Dimensions: 5/8"x24, option for 3/4"x24
  • Body and Nut Diameter: 1.1", suitable for up to 1.1" diameter barrels
  • Material: Machined from 416 Stainless Steel, Nitride finish for durability

The Insite Arms Heathen Gen 2 Muzzle Brake is the ultimate tool for competitive shooters and precision marksmen looking to push their performance to new heights. Experience reduced recoil, minimized muzzle rise, and enhanced shooting accuracy with this state-of-the-art muzzle brake.

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Additional Information

Muzzle Device Type:
Muzzle Brakes
Model / Type:
Heathen Gen 2
.30 Cal
Port Count:
Muzzle Tenon:
Stainless Steel
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