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Insite Arms - WCD Ammo Carrier, Tan

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WCD Ammo Carrier by Walsh Custom Defense - Tan

WCD Ammo Carrier by Walsh Custom Defense - Tan

Introducing the Walsh Custom Defense Ammo Carrier, a revolutionary solution for shooters looking to streamline their ammunition carrying needs. Say goodbye to bulky bullet boxes and the hassle of rummaging through your pack for ammo. Our compact and low-profile ammo carrier is designed to securely hold up to 120 rounds of Short Action ammunition, fitting easily into a pack.

Efficient and Protective Design

Inside, the carrier boasts 4 rigid panels that house 120 elastic bullet loops, organized in rows of 10 for easy access. Below each row, a dedicated pocket protects the tips of your bullets, ensuring they remain undamaged during transport. The carrier also features a nylon carry strap for easy handling and Velcro closure for secure storage. A morale patch loop area on the lower front panel allows for personalization.

Constructed with Durability in Mind

Each WCD Ammo Carrier is handcrafted in the USA, utilizing only the highest quality Milspec materials for unmatched durability. The body is made from genuine Cordura 1000D fabric, known for its resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. Heavy-duty nylon thread ensures the stitches hold up to the rigors of use.


  • Capacity: Up to 120 rounds of Short Action ammunition
  • Material: Genuine Cordura 1000D fabric, heavy-duty nylon thread
  • Features: Nylon carry strap, Velcro closure, morale patch loop area
  • Size (Closed): 7.5Óx 11Ó x 2.75Ó fully loaded
  • Weight (Empty): 1 lb. 9 oz.

With a satisfaction guarantee, the WCD Ammo Carrier by Walsh Custom Defense is your go-to choice for efficient, durable, and compact ammunition storage. Upgrade your shooting experience with this meticulously designed ammo carrier.

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