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Lapua Ammunition, .222 Remington, 55gr, FMJ, 4315021, (Box of 20)

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  • Box of 20 Lapua .223 Remington ammunition, model number 4315021, featuring 55gr full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets. The packaging is dark blue with a textured design, highlighted by the prominent Lapua logo in red and white. The box clearly displays the caliber, bullet weight, and bullet type, ensuring easy identification and selection for users.
  • Single .222 Remington Lapua ammunition round, 55gr full metal jacket (FMJ), model number 4315021. The bullet features a copper-colored tip and a brass casing with a glossy finish, emphasizing its precision engineering. This ammunition is commonly used for target shooting and hunting, offering high accuracy and consistent performance.
  • Close-up of a .222 Remington Lapua ammunition round, 55gr full metal jacket (FMJ), product code 4315021. The bullet showcases a copper tip and a brass casing, polished to a high sheen, reflecting its high-quality craftsmanship. Designed for precision, this round is ideal for target shooting and hunting, offering excellent penetration and accuracy.
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Lapua Ammunition: .222 Remington 55gr FMJ

Introducing the Lapua .222 Remington, 55gr FMJ ammunition (Product no. 4315021), a top choice for hunters and target shooters alike. This high-quality ammunition is loaded with a 3.6 g (55 gr) Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) projectile, offering superior accuracy and performance.

Historical Significance of the .222 Remington

The .222 Remington, also known as "The triple deuce" has been a favorite among benchrest shooters and hunters since its introduction in 1950. Its popularity extended through the mid-1970s, especially in Scandinavia for capercaillie and black grouse hunting, and in Central-Europe for roe bocks. The .222 Remington is celebrated for its inherent accuracy, making it an excellent choice for small game and varmint hunting at short to medium ranges.

Specifications of the Lapua .222 Remington Ammunition

  • Caliber: .222 Remington
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Bullet Code: S569
  • Bullet Weight: 3.6 g (55 gr)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 880 m/s (2887 fps)
  • Twist Rate: 1-14''
  • Ballistic Coefficients: BC G1: 0.255
  • Purpose: Hunting, Target Shooting

Applications of the .222 Remington Ammunition

The .222 Remington cartridge is adept for hunting small to medium game such as roe deer and foxes, as well as for target practice at short to medium ranges. Lapua's precision-engineered .222 Remington FMJ ammunition ensures exceptional performance, whether you're at the range or in the field.

Choose Lapua for Unmatched Precision

When it comes to reliability and accuracy, Lapua's .222 Remington, 55gr FMJ ammunition stands out. Each box contains 20 rounds of meticulously manufactured ammo, designed to meet the rigorous demands of serious hunters and competitive shooters. Experience the difference with Lapua and elevate your shooting precision.

Explore our selection of Lapua ammunition and discover the perfect match for your hunting and shooting needs. Trust Lapua for quality, performance, and accuracy in every shot.

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.222 Remington
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