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Lapua Brass, 22-250 Remington, 4PH5001, (Box of 100)

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Lapua Brass .22-250 Remington 4PH5001 (Box of 100)

Lapua Brass .22-250 Remington 4PH5001 (Box of 100)

Lapua Brass has set the gold standard in match-quality reloading cases, and their .22-250 Remington brass proudly upholds this legacy. Whether you're into varminting or long-range target shooting, the .22-250 Rem. cartridge continues to shine as one of the most versatile and potent choices among .22 caliber cartridges. Lapua's .22-250 Remington brass delivers exceptional concentricity, toughness, and uniformity, making it the preferred choice for handloaders in every aspect.

Key Specifications:

  • Caliber: .22-250 Remington
  • Cartridge Diameter: 5.69 mm (.224)
  • Product Number: 4PH5001
  • Primer Type: Large Rifle Primer (LRP)
  • Purpose: Suitable for Hunting and Target Shooting

Lapua's .22-250 Rem. brass cases are designed to accommodate Large Rifle Primers (LRP), ensuring reliable ignition and performance. Whether you're pursuing game in the field or precision on the range, Lapua brass provides the consistency and quality you demand.

Experience the excellence of Lapua Brass .22-250 Remington and elevate your reloading and shooting endeavors. Each box contains 100 cases, giving you ample opportunities to craft your perfect loads for superior accuracy and performance.

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.22-250 Remington
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