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Lapua Brass, 6.5 PRC, 4PH6023, (Box of 100)

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  • Single Lapua 6.5 PRC brass casing, product code 4PH6023, featured in a box of 100. This high-quality brass casing is shown in a vertical orientation, highlighting its polished gold finish and smooth cylindrical shape. Ideal for precision reloading, this casing is favored for its durability and consistent performance in long-range shooting applications.
  • Close-up of a Lapua 6.5 PRC brass casing, model 4PH6023, part of a box of 100. The casing is presented horizontally, showcasing its elongated design and smooth, polished brass finish. Its tapered neck and precise dimensions make it ideal for high-performance and long-range shooting scenarios.
  • Box of 100 Lapua 6.5 PRC brass casings, product code 4PH6023. The packaging is a sleek blue with red and white accents, prominently featuring the Lapua logo. The box is labeled clearly with the caliber, product code, and quantity, ensuring straightforward identification for users looking for high-quality reloading brass.
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Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass: Precision Reloading for Hunters and Shooters

Lapua Brass for 6.5 PRC: Elevate Your Long-Range Shooting and Hunting

Introducing the premium Lapua 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) brass, product number 4PH6023, available in boxes of 100. Designed with the long-range hunter and shooter in mind, the 6.5 PRC brass by Lapua sets a new standard for reliability and performance.

About the 6.5 PRC Cartridge

The 6.5 PRC, a cartridge that excels in long-range hunting and shooting scenarios, offers significant velocity advantages over competitors like the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5_55 SE. Its design allows for the use of high ballistic coefficient (HBC) projectiles, making it an ideal choice for long-range competition and effective hunting at extended distances. With its increased case capacity, the 6.5 PRC can achieve velocities up to 80 m/s (262 fps) faster, enhancing its performance for heavier projectiles and ensuring superior energy retention and terminal performance on mid-sized to large game.

Key Features of Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass

  • Caliber: 6.5 mm (.264)
  • Primer Type: Large Rifle Primer (LRP)
  • Designation: 6.5 PRC
  • Product Number: 4PH6023
  • Purpose: Optimized for both hunting and target shooting

Benefits of Using Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass

Lapua's 6.5 PRC brass is renowned for its exceptional quality, ensuring consistency and accuracy in every shot. The brass is specifically engineered for reloading, compatible with slow burning rifle powders and heavier projectiles exceeding 9.7 g (150 grains). This makes it an excellent choice for shooters looking to maximize their performance in long-range competitions and hunters seeking reliable, effective ammunition for larger game.

Why Choose Lapua?

Choosing Lapua brass for your reloading needs means investing in unmatched precision and reliability. Lapua's commitment to quality ensures that each piece of brass meets stringent standards, providing shooters and hunters with the confidence needed to achieve their best performance. Whether you're competing at long ranges or hunting in challenging conditions, Lapua's 6.5 PRC brass is the foundation for cartridges that perform when it matters most.

Explore our full range of precision reloading components and join the ranks of shooters and hunters who trust Lapua for their most critical shots. Elevate your shooting experience with Lapua 6.5 PRC brass.

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Additional Information

6.5mm PRC
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