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Lapua Brass, 6mm GT Brass, 4PH6060C, (Box of 100)

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Lapua 6mm GT Brass: Elevating Precision Rifle Reloading

Launching in autumn 2024, Lapua is proud to introduce the 6mm GT cartridge cases, set to redefine standards in the practical precision rifle sports domain. Designed specifically for competitive shooters, the 6mm GT brass promises unmatched consistency, quality, and durability, marking a new era in precision shooting.

The Rise of the 6mm GT in Competitive Shooting

With the explosive growth of the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), National Rifle League (NRL), and similar disciplines over the past decade, the demand for high-performance, short-action cartridges has never been higher. The 6mm GT, with its perfect balance of low recoil, high precision, and velocity consistency, stands out as a superior choice for those dedicated to achieving excellence in competitive shooting.

Product Specifications:

  • Caliber: 6 mm (.243)
  • Product Number: 4PH6060C
  • Designation: 6mm GT
  • Purpose: Hunting, Target
  • Primer Type: Small Rifle Primer (SRP)

Unrivaled Performance and Design

The Lapua 6mm GT sets the benchmark with its superior cartridge geometry, derived from the renowned 6.5_47 Lapua parent case. This design not only enhances longevity but also optimizes case capacity, ensuring that competitive shooters have access to the best possible foundation for their loads. The cartridge is engineered to provide flawless feeding from bolt-action, magazine-fed platforms, especially when paired with high ballistic coefficient 6mm projectiles.

Why Choose Lapua 6mm GT Brass?

Choosing Lapua's 6mm GT brass means committing to excellence in your reloading and shooting practices. Its ultra-efficient design minimizes recoil, allowing for easy target re-acquisition, while maintaining exceptional precision and velocity consistency. Whether you're competing in PRS, NRL, or engaging in target or hunting activities, the 6mm GT brass is designed to exceed the highest expectations of precision rifle athletes.

Prepare to experience a revolution in precision rifle sports with Lapua's 6mm GT brass. As the future of competitive shooting unfolds, trust in Lapua to provide the foundation for your success. Witness unparalleled performance and consistency with every shot. The journey to the top begins with the right equipmentÑchoose Lapua 6mm GT brass for your reloading needs.

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