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MagnetoSpeed - V3 Ballistic Chronograph Kit

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MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph Kit | Advanced Shooting Analysis | Bullet Central

MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph Kit: Precision Measurement for Every Shooter

Discover the cutting-edge MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph Kit, designed for comprehensive shooting analysis. Suitable for use on barrels and suppressors ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter, the V3 kit is perfect for a wide array of firearms, including those with larger muzzle devices. Available now at Bullet Central, this chronograph kit is a must-have tool for shooters who demand precision and versatility.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Accuracy

The MagnetoSpeed V3 boasts a wealth of improved features, including an easy-to-use three-button menu system and a more compact, rugged display housing. It supports multiple battery options and offers easy access to the battery compartment, eliminating the need for a screwdriver for battery changes.

Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis

With advanced data logging, downloadable firmware updates, and troubleshooting capabilities, the V3 chronograph provides detailed insights into your shooting. Its versatile design allows it to operate with air guns, and it features a rapid mode with rate-of-fire measurement.

Redesigned for Durability and Efficiency

The kit includes a redesigned bayonet and a rugged strapping system with a metal buckle and triad thumb nut. The new profile and color scheme, along with the dual data connection points, make the V3 both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Comprehensive Kit for Immediate Use

The MagnetoSpeed V3 Kit comes complete with a display unit, retractable and standard connection cables, a stainless steel blast shield, rubber V-block spacers, a microSD card with an adapter, and more. The kit also includes a hard case with custom-cut foam for secure storage and transport.

Important Usage Note

Note: When using the V3 Chronograph with suppressors, ensure the bayonet is mounted directly onto the suppressor. Avoid mounting it on suppressor covers to ensure parallel mounting and prevent potential bullet strikes.

Order Your MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph Today

Upgrade your shooting analysis with the MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph Kit. Whether you're testing new loads or honing your precision shooting skills, this kit provides the data you need. Visit Bullet Central to purchase your kit and take the first step towards advanced shooting analytics.

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