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March Scopes

March Scopes - D10V24TIML - 1X-10X24 SFP - FD-2 - March Compact

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  • March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 Compact Rifle Scope - Features robust tactical knobs for elevation and windage adjustments, a side parallax adjustment, and an illuminated reticle setting, presented in a matte black finish for versatile shooting environments.
  • March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 Compact Reticle View - Precision reticle diagram displaying detailed mil measurements for elevation and windage at 10x magnification, featuring a minimalistic design with a red illuminated center for enhanced target acquisition.
  • Close-up view of the elevation and windage adjustment turrets on the March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 March Compact. The image highlights the detailed MIL scale markings for precise shooting adjustments, the black matte finish, and the ergonomic design of the turrets for easy operation.
  • March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 Compact Rifle Scope - Profile view showing its sleek, streamlined design with precision adjustment turrets, a matte black finish, and compact size, ideal for tactical and sporting use.
  • March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 Compact Rifle Scope - Detailed side profile showcasing its slim design, strategic placement of adjustment turrets for elevation and windage, and a smooth black finish, perfect for versatile shooting needs.
  • March Scopes D10V24TIML 1X-10X24 SFP FD-2 Compact Rifle Scope - Features a 3D angled view highlighting the robust adjustment knobs for precision settings, a low-profile design, and a dark gray matte finish, ideal for a wide range of shooting disciplines.

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March Scopes - D10V24TIML - 1X-10X24 SFP - FD-2 - March Compact

Overview of March Compact 1-10x24 SFP Rifle Scope

The March Compact 1-10x24 SFP rifle scope is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact form. Combining the capabilities of two or three zoom scopes into one, it offers the highest magnification ratio available in any rifle scope. This tactical model, featuring an illuminated reticle, is perfect for both tactical operations and hunting scenarios, providing unparalleled versatility and precision.

Key Features

Exceptional Zoom Range and Optics

  • 10X Zoom in SFP, MIL: The scope’s 1-10x magnification range enables quick adjustments for a wide variety of shooting distances and conditions.
  • 30mm Diameter Body: A robust 30mm tube diameter provides increased durability and a greater adjustment range.
  • 24mm Objective Lens: Delivers clear and bright images, even in low-light conditions.
  • Side Focus 10 Yard - Infinity: Allows for precise focus adjustments across a broad range of distances.
  • Top Quality Multi-Lens Coating: Ensures maximum light transmission, nearly reaching 100% transmittance.
  • Water Repellent Lens Coating: Keeps lenses clear in all weather conditions.

Superior Construction and Durability

  • Fully Machined Aluminum Body: The scope body is crafted from a single piece of aluminum ingot, providing exceptional strength and rigidity.
  • All Japanese Metal Parts: Ensures longevity and reliability, with no plastic parts except for essential insulators.
  • Argon Gas Filled: Maintains internal stability and prevents fogging.

MIL Type Adjustment Dials

  • 0.1MIL Adjustment Dials with 0-Set: Each click adjusts the scope by 0.1MIL, with one full turn equating to 10MIL.
  • 56MIL Elevation and Windage Travel: Both axes offer an extensive adjustment range of 56MIL, ensuring precise targeting.

User-Friendly Design

  • Oversized Dials: Easy-to-use oversized dials for elevation, windage, and side focus ensure quick adjustments, even with gloves.
  • 0-Set Function: The elevation dial features a 0-set function for rapid return to zero.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Magnification 1x - 10x
Effective Lens Diameter 24mm
Body Tube Diameter 30mm
Exit Pupil 2.4mm at 10x
Field of View (real) 20.0° at 1x, 2.0° at 10x
Field of View (ft/100yd) 105.8ft at 1x, 10.5ft at 10x
Eye Relief 86-98mm (1x), 86-96mm (10x)
1 Click Adjustment 0.1MIL
Elevation Travel 56MIL
Windage Travel 56MIL
Focus Distance 10 yards - infinity
Reticle Options MML, FD-1, FD-2
Weight 530g (18.70oz)

What's in the Box?

  • Flip Caps: Protect the objective and eyepiece lenses from dust and debris.
  • Lens Cloth: Keeps lenses clean and clear.
  • Fast Lever: For quick and easy magnification adjustments.
  • Hex Wrench: For maintenance and adjustments.

The March Compact 1-10x24 SFP rifle scope offers a unique combination of advanced optics, rugged construction, and user-friendly features. Whether you're engaged in tactical operations or hunting, this scope provides the flexibility and precision needed for any situation. With its high magnification ratio, durable build, and comprehensive adjustment options, it is an excellent choice for demanding shooters.

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March Compact
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