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MPA (MasterPiece Arms)

MasterPiece Arms - BA Ultra Lite Chassis, Rem SA Inlet, Right Hand, Green

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MasterPiece Arms BA Ultra Lite Chassis in Green: Precision Engineered for Hunters and Shooters


Responding to the enthusiastic feedback from their customer base, MasterPiece Arms has innovated once again with the BA Ultra Lite Chassis, now offered in a striking green finish. Weighing merely 2.6 lbs with a custom recoil pad, this chassis is specifically designed for those who prioritize a lightweight yet robust platform for hunting and precision shooting.

Exceptional Features

Lightweight Design for Enhanced Mobility

  • Material and Build: Constructed from 6061 aluminum billet, the BA Ultra Lite Chassis provides the perfect balance between lightweight portability and rugged durability.
  • Weight: The chassis stands out in the field with its ultra-lightweight of only 2.6 lbs, minimizing shooter fatigue during extended periods of use.

Advanced Customization for Optimal Comfort

  • Adjustable Length of Pull and Cheek Riser: Offers flexibility with an adjustable length of pull from 12.75″ to 13.75″, and a cheek riser that can be finely tuned for a perfect alignment, enhancing both comfort and accuracy.
  • MPA RAT Rail: Includes an Arca Rail on the bottom of the fore-end, allowing quick and secure attachment of various accessories, such as bipods and support systems.

Precision and Stability

  • V-Bedding System: This innovative feature is designed to allow optional glass bedding, which enhances the stability and accuracy of the rifle by optimizing the action and barrel fit.
  • Built-In Leveling System: Ensures the utmost precision in alignment, crucial for accurate long-range shooting.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

  • Cerakote Finish: The chassis is treated with a durable and protective Cerakote in green, providing not only a camouflage advantage in various environments but also resistance against wear and tear.
  • Unique Pocketing System: Reduces overall weight while increasing the structural integrity of the chassis, maintaining performance under rigorous conditions.

Compatibility and Specifications

  • Magazine Compatibility: The chassis accepts AICS type magazines in short action configurations, including 5 & 10 round magazines, as well as 3 round magazines from Hawkins Precision among others.
  • Wide Compatibility: Fits all Remington 700 short action configurations and a broad range of clones, ensuring versatility across different rifles.

Detailed Specifications

  • Overall Length: The chassis measures 28.25 inches, providing substantial support without being cumbersome.
  • Fore-End Length: At 9.6 inches, it offers ample space for hand placement and additional accessories.
  • Maximum Barrel Diameter: Accommodates up to 1.200 inches straight, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of barrel profiles.

Immediate Availability at Bullet Central

For those looking to acquire the Matrix Chassis without delay, Bullet Central offers an appealing option as the chassis is available in stock today. This immediate availability allows shooters to bypass the typical manufacturing lead times and get their hands on this advanced chassis system right away. Purchasing from Bullet Central can be especially advantageous for competitors or hunters who need to prepare their gear without the constraints of a lengthy waiting period.

Extended Lead Times at MasterPiece Arms

Conversely, ordering directly from MasterPiece Arms entails a much longer wait. Currently, the lead time for receiving a Matrix Chassis from MPA is about 20 weeks. This delay is primarily due to the high demand and meticulous manufacturing processes that ensure each chassis meets the highest standards of quality and performance. While purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures that you're getting a product straight from the source, the extended lead time might not be suitable for those who need their chassis ready for an upcoming season or event.


The MasterPiece Arms BA Ultra Lite Chassis in green is the ideal solution for hunters and precision shooters who require a light, adaptable, and durable rifle platform. With its extensive customizable features, robust construction, and striking aesthetics, this chassis system meets the demands of the most rigorous shooting disciplines, providing unparalleled performance in the field or at the range. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting in diverse environments, the BA Ultra Lite Chassis enhances every aspect of the shooting experience.

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