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MPA (MasterPiece Arms)

MasterPiece Arms - Matrix Chassis, Rem LA Inlet, Right Hand, Gunmetal

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MasterPiece Arms Matrix Chassis in Gunmetal: A Benchmark in Long Range Precision

Introduction to the Matrix Chassis

MasterPiece Arms continues to redefine the landscape of long-range shooting with its Matrix Chassis in Gunmetal, designed for the Remington 700 Long Action. Renowned in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) for the past eight years, the Matrix Chassis has been the most preferred choice among professional shooters, accumulating numerous wins in high-stakes competitions such as 1 and 2 Day matches and AG Cup Matches.

Market-Leading Chassis Technology

Dominance in Competitive Shooting

The Matrix Chassis has consistently been at the forefront of the PRS, demonstrating unparalleled performance and reliability. This chassis has enabled shooters to achieve higher accuracy, win more matches, and secure more trophies, showcasing its effectiveness in the most demanding shooting environments.

Revolutionary Design Features

Customization at Its Core

The Matrix Chassis offers over 100 different options for grips, thumb rests, and trigger finger supports, making it one of the most customizable chassis in the market. This extensive range of configurations allows shooters to tailor their setup precisely to their shooting style, enhancing both comfort and control.

  • Grip Options: Six choices between three Swept and three Vertical grips.
  • Thumb Rests and Trigger Finger Supports: Three thumb rest options and four trigger finger support options provide varied ergonomic adjustments.

Enhanced Structural Design

  • Extended Fore-End: Offers an additional 2 inches over previous models, providing more space for accessory mounting and hand placement.
  • M-Lok Slots and Barricade Stops: Located along the sides and bottom of the fore-end for versatile mounting and stability options.
  • Buttstock with Butt Hook: Enhances the stability and comfort of the shooter, especially in prone or fixed positions.

Advanced Engineering for Optimal Performance

Precision Machining and High-Quality Materials

  • 6061 Aluminum Construction: The chassis is machined from high-strength 6061 aluminum, ensuring durability and a lightweight profile.
  • Cerakote Finish: A durable and protective Cerakote coating in Gunmetal not only provides a sleek look but also enhances resistance to the elements.

Ergonomic Adjustments and Built-in Features

  • Adjustable MPA Buttstock: Comes with an adjustable cheek riser and length of pull, making it highly adaptable to individual preferences.
  • Recoil Pad and Inclinometer: The adjustable recoil pad aids in managing recoil, while the built-in inclinometer ensures proper rifle alignment and leveling.

Compatibility and Specifications

  • Magazine Compatibility: Fits any AICS type magazines, with additional magazines available for purchase, enhancing its versatility across various shooting disciplines.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: The chassis is compatible with all Remington 700 actions and numerous clones, making it a versatile choice for many shooters.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Overall Length: 36.6 inches, providing substantial stability and support.
  • Fore-End Length: 14.0 inches with a width of 1.700 inches.
  • Weight: Total weight of 6.4 lbs, optimally distributed for balance and ease of handling.

Immediate Availability at Bullet Central

For those looking to acquire the Matrix Chassis without delay, Bullet Central offers an appealing option as the chassis is available in stock today. This immediate availability allows shooters to bypass the typical manufacturing lead times and get their hands on this advanced chassis system right away. Purchasing from Bullet Central can be especially advantageous for competitors or hunters who need to prepare their gear without the constraints of a lengthy waiting period.

Extended Lead Times at MasterPiece Arms

Conversely, ordering directly from MasterPiece Arms entails a much longer wait. Currently, the lead time for receiving a Matrix Chassis from MPA is about 20 weeks. This delay is primarily due to the high demand and meticulous manufacturing processes that ensure each chassis meets the highest standards of quality and performance. While purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures that you're getting a product straight from the source, the extended lead time might not be suitable for those who need their chassis ready for an upcoming season or event.



The MasterPiece Arms Matrix Chassis in Gunmetal sets the gold standard for precision in long-range shooting. With its revolutionary design, extensive customization options, and proven track record in competitive settings, the Matrix Chassis remains the ultimate choice for serious long-range shooters seeking to maximize their performance and precision on the field. Whether for competition or tactical applications, this chassis system provides the reliability and adaptability required to excel in any shooting endeavor.

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