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MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)

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  • MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)
  • MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)
  • MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)
  • MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)
  • MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)


MDT Accessories - Bipod, GRND Pod, Picatinny, GRN (105560-GRN)

Introducing the MDT GRND-POD Bipod: Precision, Versatility, and Affordability Combined

The MDT GRND-POD Bipod is engineered to deliver maximum versatility and cost savings while incorporating essential features for precision rifle shooting. Designed with feedback from our community, this bipod ensures that critical aspects such as adjustable leg lengths, cant with adjustable tension, quick and easy leg deployment, and robust stability are all addressed.

Unparalleled Features for Precision Shooting

Our design process began with a clear direction and approval for the bipod’s overall structure. We delved into specific features crucial for any precision rifle bipod, exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques. The result is a bipod that combines premium quality with an accessible price point, ensuring you don't have to compromise on performance.

Rapid Deployment and Single-Handed Adjustments

The MDT GRND-POD is built for speed and convenience. Its rapid deploy legs and single-handed adjustments allow you to create a solid and stable shooting base for your rifle swiftly. Whether you are in a competitive shooting scenario or enjoying a day at the range, this bipod enhances your shooting experience by minimizing setup time and maximizing stability.

Adapting to Uneven Terrain

One of the significant challenges with bipods is dealing with uneven terrain, which can disrupt the leveling of your rifle and hinder quick targeting. The MDT GRND-POD features independently adjustable leg lengths to accommodate real-life scenarios where the ground is not perfectly flat. This flexibility ensures that your rifle remains stable and your aim precise.

32° of Cant for Enhanced Stability

In addition to independent leg adjustability, the bipod's cant is crucial for stabilizing your rifle on rocky or uneven terrain. The MDT GRND-POD offers toolless tension adjustment and one-handed operation, effectively addressing and overcoming these challenges. The bipod provides a height range from 4.5 inches (in the 50° forward position) to 9 inches (in the 90° down position), measured from the pivot point.

User-Friendly Adjustments

Speed is a critical factor in precision rifle sports, and the MDT GRND-POD excels in this area. The bipod allows for single-handed adjustments of leg position and length, cant tension, and deployment. This design frees your other hand to control the rifle, enhancing your efficiency and ease of use.

Versatile Features for Any Shooting Condition

  • Adjustable Throw Level for Cant Tension: Ensures precise control over your rifle’s stability.
  • One-Handed Operation: Streamlines adjustments, keeping your other hand free for rifle control.
  • Rapid Deployment: Quickly sets up your shooting position.
  • Four Locking Leg Positions: Provides flexibility with positions at 0°, 50°, 90°, and 180°.
  • Changeable Feet: Compatible with CKYE-POD and ATLAS feet, adapting to various shooting surfaces.


  • Height Adjustable: From 4.5 inches to 9 inches.
  • Materials & Finish: Crafted from carbon fiber legs, 6061-T6 aluminum core, and high-strength polymer buttons.
  • Weight: Weighs just 1 lb 0.5 oz.
  • Footprint Width: Ranges from 7.9 inches to 10.9 inches.


The MDT GRND-POD Bipod is a versatile and affordable solution for precision rifle shooting. With its rapid deployment, single-handed adjustments, and adaptability to uneven terrain, it stands out as a premium quality bipod without the premium price tag. Experience enhanced stability, speed, and convenience with the MDT GRND-POD, and elevate your shooting performance to the next level.

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