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MDT Accessories - Ckye-pod Gen2, ARCA Interface RH (Left Knob), PRS (Short) Legs, BLK (106291-BLK)

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  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 featuring an ARCA Interface with the right-hand (left knob) operation and PRS (Precision Rifle Series) short legs in black (106291-BLK) offers a sophisticated support system for precision shooters. This bipod is specifically designed for competitive shooters with its adjustable cant and pan, quick deployment, and stable footing. The ARCA interface ensures quick and secure attachment to rifles equipped with ARCA rails, a favorite among PRS competitors for its adaptability and ease of use. The bipod's black finish provides a sleek, professional look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It's a prime choice for serious shooters seeking an edge in stability and versatility.
  • The MDT Ckye-pod Gen2, shown with the ARCA Interface for the right-hand (left knob) and PRS (Precision Rifle Series) short legs in black (106291-BLK), is positioned for optimal shooting support. This state-of-the-art bipod is engineered for quick adjustments and versatility, featuring a full range of motion to pan and tilt for targeting on uneven terrain. Its sturdy construction and tactical black finish combine for a high-performance addition to any precision shooting setup, offering reliable stability and refined control to enhance the shooter's accuracy in various competition scenarios.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2, equipped with an ARCA Interface right-hand operation (left knob) and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK), is designed for a seamless interface with ARCA rail systems. This bipod is extended to showcase its considerable reach, which allows for a wide stance and a stable shooting platform. The precision machining and the tactical black finish speak to its quality and durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of competitive shooting. It's an essential tool for precision shooters who demand the best in stability and adaptability for their rifles.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 with ARCA Interface right-hand operation (left knob) and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK) highlights the intricate details of the bipod's mechanism. It showcases the adjustment knobs and the pivot points that provide the bipod's cant and pan capabilities. The image captures the precision engineering that goes into the design, allowing shooters to make fine adjustments for a stable and level shooting platform. This attention to detail ensures that the bipod is both functional and highly adaptable for various shooting positions and conditions.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 with an ARCA Interface for right-hand operation (featuring the left knob) and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK). The focus is on the central hub of the bipod, highlighting the mechanism that allows for the fine-tuning of the cant and pan movements, as well as the leg adjustments. The large knob on the right is likely used for securing the bipod to the ARCA rail, providing quick detachment and attachment. This bipod is particularly well-suited for precision shooting, where stable and adaptable support is crucial.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2, featuring an ARCA Interface for right-hand operation (left knob) and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK), provides a closer look at the bipod’s locking mechanism and adjustment controls. The ARCA Interface clamp, the cant adjustment lever, and the fine-tuning knobs for leg extension are visible. Such a design underscores the bipod's versatility and ease of use, catering to precision shooters who demand quick and precise control over their rifle's support system. The black finish of the bipod adds to its sleek appearance while also ensuring durability and resistance to the elements.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 bipod with an ARCA Interface, designed for right-hand (left knob) operation, and equipped with PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK). This bipod's design allows for a wide stance, providing a stable platform for precision shooting. The central dial likely controls the cant and pan mechanisms, giving shooters the ability to make quick on-the-fly adjustments. The bipod's sturdy construction and the fine adjustment capabilities are essential for long-range shooters and those participating in Precision Rifle Series competitions.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2, showing the ARCA Interface right-hand (left knob) operation and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK). The central axis pin, lever, and textured adjustment knob are clearly designed for precise maneuverability and stability. This bipod is particularly adept for precision shooters who require quick and reliable adjustments in dynamic shooting environments. The close-up shows the quality craftsmanship and robust materials that MDT is known for, ensuring durability and consistent performance.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 with an ARCA Interface right-hand (left knob) operation and PRS short legs in black (106291-BLK) reveals the central hub where the leg adjustments and panning controls converge. The large dial in the middle is designed for precise control over the bipod's pan function, while the smaller knobs likely adjust the cant angle and leg extension. This design is indicative of MDT's focus on providing shooters with highly adjustable and reliable support systems for competitive shooting and tactical applications. The bipod's solid construction ensures a steady platform for precision aiming.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 (106291-BLK). However, without more context or additional visuals, it's challenging to definitively connect this texture to a specific part of the bipod, as it could potentially be a detail from a grip area, leg coating, or another part where a non-slip or grip texture is beneficial. If this texture is indeed from the Ckye-pod, it might be part of the design that provides extra stability or grip, enhancing the bipod's functionality.
  • specialized bipod, typically used for precision rifles, with a specific mounting interface (ARCA) and adjustable legs. The designation suggests it is a second-generation model from MDT (Modular Driven Technologies), a company known for its high-quality firearm accessories tailored for shooting sports, such as competitive shooting or long-range precision shooting. The reference to 'RH (Left Knob)' might indicate a model designed for right-handed use with the adjustment knob on the left side. The 'PRS' suggests it's intended for precision rifle shooting, and 'Short Legs' indicates the length of the bipod legs. 'BLK' stands for the color black. This accessory is designed to provide a stable platform for the rifle, enhancing the shooter's accuracy, especially at long distances.
  • MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) bipod, specifically the Ckye-pod Gen2. We can see part of the mechanism and the mounting system that would attach to a firearm. The ARCA Interface is visible, confirming that it's designed to be compatible with ARCA rail systems for secure attachment and quick detachment. The detailed design and robust construction are typical of equipment used in precision shooting to ensure stability and accuracy. The materials and finish suggest durability and resistance to the elements, which are important factors for shooters who often find themselves in various outdoor environments.
  • top section of the MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 bipod. The central hub where the legs are attached is clearly visible, showcasing the pivot mechanism that allows the legs to spread out for stability. The knob on the side is likely for tension adjustment, allowing the shooter to customize the swivel or cant of the bipod for leveling the firearm on uneven terrain. The construction looks solid, with multiple adjustment points, which suggests a high degree of customizability to fit various shooting positions and preferences. The bipod's construction and functionality are indicative of precision engineering designed for serious shooters who demand versatility and reliability from their equipment.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2's attachment mechanism, showing the precision engineering that goes into the manufacturing of shooting accessories. It features a locking mechanism and a quick-release or adjustment button, which is common in high-end bipods for ease of adjustment and stability. The quality of the materials and the attention to detail in the design are consistent with MDT's reputation for producing durable, high-performance gear for precision rifles. These features ensure that the bipod can be securely attached to the rifle's ARCA rail and remain steady during use, which is crucial for accurate long-range shooting.
  • The ARCA rail system is a standardized mounting system commonly used on photography equipment, which has been adopted in the shooting sports industry due to its strong and repeatable mounting capability. This type of rail provides a series of slots or grooves which allow for accessories, such as a bipod (like the MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 you've been showing), to be quickly attached, adjusted, and detached. This allows for a highly customizable setup, as the shooter can position the bipod at various points along the rail to achieve the desired balance and stability for their rifle. The black finish is consistent with the rest of the MDT Ckye-pod features, suggesting a cohesive design and aesthetic throughout the product.
  • MDT Ckye-pod Gen2 bipod. It shows the head of the bipod where the rifle would mount. The central knob visible in the image is likely used for adjusting the cant, allowing the shooter to level their rifle. The bipod's head also usually features a mechanism to adjust the pan, providing the shooter with the ability to swing the rifle left or right while maintaining its anchor point. The build quality looks robust, designed to offer precise control and stability for shooting. The detailed manufacturing and black finish suggest a product that is both functional and designed with a professional aesthetic in mind.


MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 Bipod: The Ultimate Shooting Accessory for Hunters and Match Shooters

The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 Bipod represents a significant advancement in shooting stability and versatility, designed to meet the rigorous demands of both hunters and competitive shooters. Combining quality craftsmanship with innovative adjustments, this bipod is your go-to gear for a game-changing experience in the field or at the range.

Revolutionary Design and Features

The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 has been engineered with precision to enhance your shooting experience. It boasts a range of features that set it apart from traditional bipods:

  • Lockable Pan and Cant Tension Adjustment: Newly added lockable pan feature and a cant tension adjustment knob offer unmatched stability and control, allowing for smooth transitions and precise targeting.
  • Single-Handed Adjustments: The bipod is designed for quick and easy adjustments with just one hand, making it convenient for rapid changes in the field.
  • Versatile Configurations: With three locking positions—stowed, angled, and down—the CKYE-POD Gen2 adapts to various shooting scenarios. Its legs can extend from 4.5” to 15.5” and are independently adjustable for height and angle, providing optimal customization for any terrain or target.

Enhanced Stability and Adaptability

The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 is not just about flexibility; it's also built for stability:

  • 360 Degrees of Pan and 170 Degrees of Cant: Enjoy complete freedom of movement with extensive pan and cant capabilities (note: the sling swivel stud version does not pan). These features are perfect for tracking moving targets or adjusting to uneven surfaces.
  • Integrated Barricade Stop: An essential for competitive shooting, the built-in barricade stop helps stabilize the bipod against surfaces without slipping.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, the bipod is both lightweight and rugged, capable of withstanding harsh shooting environments.

Customization and Compatibility

The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 caters to a variety of shooting styles and preferences:

  • Interchangeable Feet: Comes standard with spiked feet for superior traction on diverse surfaces. For those who prefer a different setup, the standard and PRS short legs are compatible with any Atlas style feet.
  • Multiple Leg Lengths: Choose from four different leg lengths to suit your shooting needs—PRS Short, Standard, Double Pull, and Triple Pull.
  • Mounting Options: Equipped with a quick-release push button Picatinny mount or an adjustable ARCA/RRS dovetail mount, the CKYE-POD Gen2 offers flexibility for mounting on various firearms.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Hard-anodized aluminum
  • Weight: Starts from 21 oz.
  • Leg Options: PRS Short, Standard, Double Pull, Triple Pull
  • Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 36" depending on leg choice


The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 Bipod is the most advanced and configurable crossover stock on the market, ideal for anyone serious about upgrading their shooting setup. Whether you're competing in matches, hunting in rugged conditions, or engaging in precision shooting, the CKYE-POD Gen2 provides the reliability and adaptability you need to take your performance to the next level.

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Ckye-pod Gen2
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