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MDT Accessories - Vertical Grip, Premier, Standard, Black (105173-BLK)

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MDT Vertical Grip Premier: Precision Control for Long-Range Shooting

Introducing the MDT Vertical Grip Premier, a meticulously designed accessory that enhances grip control for all long-range shooting disciplines. Engineered to provide both fore and aft adjustment, this grip accommodates any hand size, ensuring optimal finger placement for precision marksmanship.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

The MDT Vertical Grip Premier is crafted with the understanding that proper finger and hand placement are pivotal for achieving precise shots. The grip's adjustable design allows for perfect finger alignment on the trigger, promoting a straight pull and significantly improving accuracy. Adjustments are straightforward, ensuring a custom fit for every marksman.

Innovative Design Features:

Made from a durable polymer core with two removable side panels, the grip maintains a comfortable hold, mimicking the shape of MDT's original pistol grip. Whether shooting prone or from a standing position, this grip provides the necessary support and comfort for extended shooting sessions.

Unmatched Modularity:

Embracing MDT's commitment to modularity, the side panels of the Vertical Grip Premier are designed to slide forward and backward, allowing shooters to customize the grip to their preference. This feature ensures that the grip can evolve with your shooting style and requirements.

Universal Compatibility

The MDT Vertical Grip Premier is compatible with all MDT chassis systems for bolt action rifles, as well as any other chassis or firearm that accepts standard AR pistol grip interfaces. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that the Vertical Grip Premier can enhance a vast array of shooting setups.

Key Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polymer core and side panels
  • Adjustability: Fore and aft for optimal finger placement
  • Compatibility: Standard AR pistol grip boss

Upgrade to the MDT Vertical Grip Premier and experience the difference in control and precision it brings to your long-range shooting. Tailor the grip to your hand size and shooting style, and achieve the accuracy you've been aiming for.

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