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MDT Chassis - ACC Elite Chassis System, Remington 700, SA, RH, BLK (106557-BLK)

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  • The image shows the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System in black (BLK) for the Remington 700 short action (SA), designed for right-handed (RH) users, with the part number (106557-BLK). This chassis system is a popular choice among precision shooters for its fully adjustable buttstock and cheek riser, providing a customizable and stable shooting platform. The forend is equipped with M-LOK slots for attaching accessories, and the overall design is engineered to enhance shooting accuracy and comfort. MDT's chassis systems are known for their robust construction and adaptability to various shooting disciplines.
  • This image provides a close-up of the MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700 rifle. Featured prominently is the distinctive MDT branding on the chassis, the textured grip designed for comfortable and secure handling, and the adjustable cheek rest for achieving optimal eye alignment with the rifle scope. You can also see the detailed machining of the chassis, the magwell in front of the trigger guard, and the skeletonized structure, all indicative of MDT's commitment to high-quality, precision-focused shooting equipment. The ACC Elite Chassis is designed for shooters who need a customizable and stable platform for competitive shooting, precision engagements, and tactical applications.
  • The image showcases the cheek piece of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System, designed for the Remington 700 rifle. You can see the textured cheek piece, which is mounted on twin riser rods that are adjustable for height, allowing the shooter to achieve a custom fit for optimal alignment with the rifle scope. The knob in the middle is used to lock the cheek piece height in place. This level of adjustability is critical for long-range precision shooters who require a consistent and comfortable cheek weld for accuracy and repeatable shot placement. The MDT logo is prominently displayed, indicating the manufacturer’s brand.
  • In this detailed image, you can see the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700, highlighting the grip area and part of the magazine well. The texture on the grip ensures a secure hold, while the design is ergonomic to fit the shooter’s hand comfortably. Just above the grip is the MDT logo, denoting the brand. The chassis is engineered to accommodate easy magazine insertion and release, and the trigger area is cut out to fit standard and aftermarket triggers. This chassis is part of MDT's lineup designed for precision shooting, offering a combination of comfort, adjustability, and stability.
  • The image provides a close-up of part of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System, tailored for the Remington 700 platform. Visible is the chassis' forend, which typically features M-LOK slots for the attachment of various accessories, such as bipods, rails, or hand stops. The forend is designed to offer a rigid support for the rifle barrel, improving accuracy by minimizing flex. The detail here shows the MDT logo, signifying brand quality, and the texturing near the end of the forend for enhanced grip. This chassis system is known for its customization options, allowing shooters to tailor their setup to their specific needs for competitive shooting or precision applications.
  • This image features a segment of the MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) Elite Chassis System, specifically designed for the Remington 700 rifle platform. Visible in the image is the buttstock portion of the chassis, which is known for its adjustability. This includes the cheek riser, length of pull, and butt-pad height, all of which can typically be tailored to the shooter's preferences for ergonomics and comfort. The skeletonized design helps to reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. The MDT chassis systems are favored in the precision shooting community for their modularity and ability to customize the rifle to the shooter's needs for competitive shooting, hunting, or tactical applications.
  • The image shows the buttstock of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700 rifle. The focus is on the butt pad area, which appears to be adjustable for both height and length of pull to ensure a comfortable and customized fit for the shooter. The detailed texturing on the butt pad is designed to provide a non-slip surface against the shooter's shoulder. This level of adjustability is key for precision shooting, where the fit of the rifle to the shooter can greatly affect accuracy and comfort during extended periods of use. The MDT chassis systems are highly regarded in the shooting sports community for their innovation and quality.
  • This image features a section of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700, specifically the forend of the chassis. The forend is designed to be stiff and flat, supporting consistent shot placement. It is equipped with multiple holes and slots which are likely for mounting accessories, attaching weights for balance adjustment, or aiding in barrel cooling. The holes patterned along the top of the forend is typically where one can attach rails or other mounting systems for bipods, sling attachments, or other accessories. The skeletonized areas help reduce overall weight while maintaining the structural integrity essential for precision shooting. MDT's ACC Elite Chassis is renowned for its modular design, allowing shooters to customize their setup for various shooting disciplines.
  • This image showcases the end of the forend of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System designed for the Remington 700 rifle. It highlights the M-LOK slots, which are used for attaching various accessories such as bipods, slings, and rail sections. The design is optimized for modularity and customization, allowing shooters to tailor their setup to their specific needs. The angled end of the forend, often called a barricade stop, is useful for stabilizing the rifle against various surfaces when shooting in different positions. The MDT ACC chassis is favored by precision shooters for its adaptability and robust construction, which aid in enhancing shooting performance.
  • This image depicts the underside of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700. It features the magazine well, a cut-out for the trigger guard, and the bottom of the chassis where a detachable box magazine would be inserted. The visible screw holes and slots are for attaching additional weights or accessories that can help balance the rifle according to the shooter's preference. The chassis is designed to increase the modularity and ergonomics of the rifle, improving shooter comfort and performance, especially in precision shooting disciplines. MDT chassis systems are known for their high-quality construction and adjustability, which are highly valued in competitive shooting sports.
  • This image provides a full side view of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System for the Remington 700 platform. From this angle, you can see the full length of the chassis, including the forend with M-LOK slots for accessory attachment, the magazine well area, and part of the buttstock interface. The chassis is designed to provide a stable, adjustable platform for the rifle, improving accuracy and shooter comfort. This particular model is made for precision shooters who demand the best in terms of modularity and customization. The MDT ACC Elite Chassis is a popular choice among competitive shooters, hunters, and tactical shooters for its robust construction and ergonomic design.
  • This image provides another view of the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System, showcasing its adjustability features such as the cheek riser and butt pad. The design is clearly focused on modularity and ergonomic support to enhance shooting precision and comfort. The adjustable cheek riser is essential for achieving the correct eye alignment with the scope, while the butt pad can be adjusted for length of pull and height, ensuring the rifle fits the shooter perfectly for stable shooting positions. This level of customization is highly valued in precision shooting sports, where small adjustments can significantly impact accuracy and performance. The chassis system also has a skeletonized structure, which helps to balance the weight of the rifle without sacrificing strength.
  • The image displays a complete rifle setup with the MDT ACC Elite Chassis System, featuring a Remington 700 action. You can see the chassis fully assembled with a rifle barrel, a mounted scope for long-range precision shooting, and the chassis itself, which includes various adjustment points for customization. The ACC Elite Chassis System is designed to enhance the accuracy and adaptability of the rifle, with features like an adjustable cheek riser and length of pull on the stock for optimal shooter fit. The chassis' forend has M-LOK slots for attaching accessories and possibly an integrated rail system for the scope mount. This setup is typical for precision rifle competitions, tactical applications, or advanced recreational shooting.


MDT ACC Elite Chassis System: Precision Engineering for Elite Shooters

Overview The MDT ACC Elite Chassis System represents the pinnacle of rifle chassis technology, meticulously crafted for the Remington 700 and Tikka T3X Short Action rifles. Designed with elite shooters in mind, this system transforms your rifle into a precision tool for outstanding performance in competitive shooting and tactical applications.

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Material and Construction: The chassis is constructed from hard-anodized, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, finished with Cerakote for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Perfect Balance and Ergonomics: Updated forend and buttstock designs support modular weight adjustments, allowing shooters to fine-tune the balance point for instinctual point-and-shoot control.
  • Elite Buttstock: The MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock includes toolless adjustments for rapid customization, integrated storage for Allen keys, and enhanced recoil management features for superior shooting comfort.
  • Advanced Forend: The forend is extended, thicker, and includes a custom-cut grip tape to enhance stability and grip against various surfaces for improved shooting accuracy.

Additional Customizations and Accessories

  • Versatile Accessory Integration: Features multiple M-LOK slots, QD sling cups, and a full-length ARCA rail for easy attachment of a wide range of accessories.
  • Adjustable Components: Includes an ambidextrous magazine latch and a thumb rest on both sides of the forend, which can be adjusted for personalized comfort and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Tactical Features: The chassis is equipped with a larger butt pad, optional grip tape for increased tactile feedback, and drilled and tapped holes for mounting night vision and control bridges.


  • Compatibility: Customizable for Remington 700 Short Action, Long Action CIP 3.850, and Tikka T3X Short Action.
  • Weight: 6.10 lbs, variable with model and additional weights.
  • Dimensions: Length of pull ranges from 12.25” to 14.75”, with a chassis base length of 27” and 37.4” when including the buttstock.
  • Magazine and Grip Compatibility: Compatible with AICS magazines and AR-15 style grips.

What’s Included

  • Complete Kit: Each MDT ACC Elite Chassis System includes the chassis base, MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock, MDT Vertical Grip Elite with connector bar, M-LOK thumb rests, grip tape, and magazine dowels, providing all necessary hardware for immediate installation.

This chassis system is engineered to meet the demands of the most discerning competitive shooters and tactical operators, offering unmatched precision, customization, and robust performance.

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ACC Elite
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    MDT ACC Elite

    Posted by Lynn Holifield on Dec 5th 2023

    My stocks were all Foundations or Manners. I wanted to try a chassis. This is solid, adjustable, & feels great. I am going to shoot my 6 BRA in it before I bed it to have a comparison. On cost realize you don’t have to buy bottom metal nor arca rail. When you consider that it’s quite the bargain. I think the ACC Elite is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. If you ever need help MDT has elite customer service.

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