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MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)

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  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)
  • MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700, SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)


MDT Chassis - ACC Premier GEN2 - Remington 700 SA, RH, CCG (109512-CCG)

Revolutionize Your Shooting Experience with the ACC Premier GEN2

The MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis is an all-round refresh of the industry-defining ACC Premier, designed to elevate your shooting experience. Incorporating enhancements from the ACC Elite, this chassis features a taller integrated barricade stop, a thicker and more rigid forend, and drilled holes along the top of the forend to accommodate MDT’s NV and Control Bridge system. With the rise in rimfire competition shooting, the forend has been compacted to 15” to better suit a variety of barrel sizes, making it a versatile choice for shooters.

Compare Premier GEN2 vs. Elite: Conquer the Podium

The MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis System represents the next evolution in competitive shooting. Offering superior precision, stability, rigidity, and customization, this chassis provides the edge needed to excel in every match.

Short Barrel Compatible

Designed with a compact 15” forend, the ACC Premier GEN2 comfortably accommodates barrels starting at 17”. This design is perfect for shooters who prefer shorter barrels without compromising on performance.

Fast Target Acquisition

Achieving the perfect balance for your competition rifle is crucial for quick target acquisition and effective follow-up shots. The MDT ACC Premier GEN2 is compatible with a variety of weights, helping you achieve optimal balance and enhance your shooting performance.

The Perfect Fit

Customization is key to a comfortable and effective shooting experience. The ACC Premier GEN2 allows for fine-tuning of your hand position, cheek weld, and length of pull. Additionally, a wide array of optional accessories is available to expand and enhance the functionality of your chassis.

Stay on Target

The wide, thick, and flat forend of the ACC Premier GEN2 eliminates flex and torsion, providing a highly stable platform on barricades and other PRS props. It features a full-length integrated ARCA rail for mounting bipods and tripods, further enhancing stability and precision.

Drop-in Ready

Upgrade your rifle with ease and hit the range in no time. Simply drop your action into place and tighten two screws—no need for complicated gunsmithing. The V-Block bedding system ensures consistent contact between the action and the chassis, minimizing movement during firing and improving accuracy.

Key Features and Specifications

Adjustable MDT Vertical Grip - Premier (Included): Ensures a comfortable and customizable grip.

Full-Length Integrated ARCA Rail: Provides versatile mounting options for accessories.

QD Sling Cups: Enhance portability and ease of use.

Compact 15" Forend: Suitable for a variety of barrel lengths, providing versatility.

Wide Integrated Thumb Shelf: Offers added stability and comfort.

Drilled & Tapped Holes for NV & Control Bridges: Compatible with MDT’s advanced systems for night vision and control bridges.

Integrated Tall Barricade Stop: Enhances stability on barricades.

Compatible with Interior Weights: Allows for optimal balance customization.

MDT SRS-X Lite Buttstock (Included): Features adjustable length of pull via spacers and an M-LOK slot under the buttstock.

Adjustable Cheek Riser: Ensures a comfortable and consistent cheek weld.

Ambidextrous Mag Latch: Accommodates both left and right-handed shooters.

Hole in Trigger Guard to Adjust Trigger Weight: Allows for quick and easy trigger adjustments.

Technical Specifications

  • Forend Length: 15"
  • Full System Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Overall Length: 34.4"
  • Barricade Stop Height: 1.75"
  • Forend Wall Width: 5mm
  • Forend M-LOK: 8 Slots, 3 Accessory Mounts per side, 3 slots on the bottom
  • Included Grip: MDT Vertical Grip - Premier
  • Included Buttstock: MDT SRS-X Lite
  • Material/Finish: Hard anodized 6061 aluminum with Cerakote finish
  • Magazine Compatibility: AICS Magazine Compatible
  • Max Barrel Diameter: 1.350"

Compatibility and Customization

The ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis is designed to be compatible with a wide range of accessories and weights, making it a versatile choice for any shooter looking to improve their performance. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a precision enthusiast, the MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis offers the features and flexibility you need to stay on target and excel.

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ACC Premier Gen 2
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