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Micron Precision

Micron Precision Series - Arbor Seating Die, 6mm Creedmoor

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Introducing the Micron Precision Seater Die Series by Bullet Central

With over 40 years of rifle competition experience, Bullet Central proudly presents the Micron Precision Seater Die Series. Our extensive testing of various seater dies revealed several common issues that can compromise the accuracy of your reloading process. Our new series addresses these problems head-on, offering unmatched precision and reliability.

Common Issues with Traditional Seater Dies:

  • Inconsistent Seating Depth: Often caused by poor designs, loose parts, or a generic approach.
  • Inaccurate Adjustments: Many dies lack a precise method to adjust seating depth, leading to guesswork.
  • Oversized Chambers: These allow brass to shift, resulting in non-concentric alignment with the seater stem.
  • Loose Seater Stems: Misalignment and improper contact with the ogive are common issues.
  • Misaligned Lock Rings: Can cause misalignment with the press, especially in threaded seaters.

The Micron Precision Seater Die Series Advantage

Designed and manufactured entirely in-house to our exact specifications, the Micron Precision Seater Die Series represents the pinnacle of reloading technology. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art CNC machinery to ensure each die meets the highest standards of straightness and precision.

Key Features of the Micron Precision Seater Die Series:

  • Superior Precision: Advanced CNC machining and processes deliver exceptional straightness and accuracy.
  • Reamer Cut Chambers: Ensure proper case alignment, closely mimicking a barrel chamber.
  • Innovative Die-Loc Lock-Ring System: Features two precisely machined rings that keep the die perfectly perpendicular to the press, preventing misalignment typical with single lock rings.

Proven by Top Competitors

The Micron Precision Seater Die Series has been rigorously tested and trusted by the world's leading rifle competitors. Whether you're shooting in Benchrest or Barricade competitions, investing in a Micron Precision Seater Die ensures your brass is handled with the utmost care after each firing. A reliable seater die is crucial for any reloading setup, and we are committed to being your top choice.

Experience Unparalleled Accuracy

Choose the Micron Precision Seater Die Series by Bullet Central for a reloading experience that sets new standards in precision and reliability. Elevate your reloading process and achieve the accuracy you've always desired.

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Additional Information

6mm Creedmoor
Stainless Steel
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