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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - 300 Win. Magnum 180 gr Bondstrike, 20176332 (Box of 20)

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  • A product image of a box of Norma Ammunition, specifically the 300 Win. Magnum 180 gr Bondstrike, model number 20176332. The packaging features a graphic of a moose in a snowy landscape, emphasizing the ammunition's suitability for big game hunting. The box is labeled clearly with '20 cartridges' and showcases the Norma logo and the Bondstrike product name prominently against a smoky gray background.
  • Product image showcasing Norma Ammunition's 300 Win. Magnum 180 gr Bondstrike in a box of 20. The box features detailed imagery of a moose in a wilderness setting, highlighting the ammunition's long-range hunting capabilities. Two cartridges are displayed in front of the box, showing their sleek brass casing and distinctive blue-tipped bullets. The packaging also emphasizes the high-quality and precision engineering of the product, ideal for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.
  • Two Norma 300 Winchester Magnum 180 grain Bondstrike cartridges displayed on a plain background. The bullets feature sleek brass casings with a distinctive blue polymer tip, designed for long-range hunting efficiency. These rounds are known for their deep penetration and precision, making them ideal for large game hunting. The cartridges are shown side by side to highlight their uniformity and build quality, exemplifying advanced ammunition technology.
  • Single cartridge of Norma 300 Winchester Magnum 180 grain Bondstrike ammunition isolated on a plain background. The cartridge features a high-quality brass casing and a blue polymer tip that enhances its aerodynamic properties for superior accuracy and effectiveness in long-range hunting. This premium round is designed to deliver exceptional performance and deep penetration, ideal for hunting large game.


Norma Bondstrike 300 Win Mag 180 gr: Ultimate Long-Range Hunting Ammo

Norma Bondstrike 300 Win Magnum 180 gr: Precision Engineered for Long-Range Hunting

The .300 Winchester Magnum, a legendary caliber introduced in 1963, quickly ascended to the top of the .300 magnum class, renowned for its superior case capacity and adaptability for hunting large game like moose and elk at extended ranges. Norma's Bondstrike 300 Win Mag 180 gr ammunition is designed to maximize the potential of this powerful caliber, offering hunters unparalleled long-range accuracy and devastating terminal performance.

Advanced Bondstrike Technology

Norma's Bondstrike ammunition is the result of advanced engineering, featuring a bonded boat-tail bullet with a ballistic polymer tip. This design ensures extreme performance at the highest ranges, making it ideal for hunters seeking the ultimate in accuracy and effectiveness. The Bondstrike's bonded polymer tip bullet is engineered for consistent expansion across a wide range of velocities, ensuring deep penetration and maximum energy transfer on game at all distances.

Key Specifications

  • Caliber: .300 Win Mag
  • Bullet Type: Bonded Polymer Tip
  • Bullet Weight: 180 gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 3801 ft lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3084 fps
  • Rounds Per Box: 20
  • Application: Hunting
  • Casing Material: Brass
  • Hazair: Yes, due to shipping regulations on ammunition

Unmatched Performance for the Serious Hunter

Whether you're targeting game at close quarters or reaching out to distances where precision is paramount, Norma Bondstrike 300 Win Mag ammunition offers the reliability and performance needed to ensure success. With its heavy recoil manageable through practice, and the potential for reduced recoil with handloads, this ammunition is suitable for hunters of varying experience levels.

Choose Norma Bondstrike for your next hunting adventure and experience the difference that cutting-edge ammunition technology can make. Trust Norma to deliver the precision, power, and performance necessary to take on the most challenging hunts.

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.300 Winchester Magnum
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