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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - WINGSTRIKE STEEL 12ga 3" BB shot 1 1/4oz, 1198033400 (Box of 25)

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Norma Wingstrike STEEL 12 Gauge 3" BB Shot Ammunition - Box of 25

Norma, a leader in precision-engineered ammunition, presents the Wingstrike STEEL 12 Gauge 3" 1 1/4 oz BB Shot, a premium option specifically designed for turkey hunting. This ammunition combines the hallmark quality of Norma with advanced features to ensure successful and ethical hunting outcomes.

Key Features

  • High Muzzle Velocity: Clocking in at 1350 feet per second, this ammunition offers impressive downrange energy, crucial for achieving tight shot patterns and effective hits on game.
  • Heavy Load: Each shell contains 1 1/4 ounces of BB shot, optimized for turkey hunting, where striking power and pattern density are vital.
  • Lead-Free Steel Shot: Committed to environmental stewardship, Norma uses steel shot in this lead-free formulation, making it suitable for use in areas where lead ammunition is restricted.
  • Quality and Precision: With over a century of experience, Norma's commitment to quality ensures that each batch of ammunition offers reliable performance and consistency.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 12 Gauge, versatile for various hunting applications.
  • Shell Length: 3 inches, providing a robust charge for enhanced ballistic performance.
  • Shot Weight: 1 1/4 oz, delivering a heavy payload for effective hunting.
  • Shot Size: BB, ideal for turkey hunting with its balance of size and penetrative capability.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1350 fps, ensuring fast and powerful shots.
  • Rounds per Box: 25, offering ample ammunition for a full hunting session.
  • Boxes per Case: 10, for those looking to stock up for the season.
  • Primer: Boxer, non-corrosive, enhancing the shelf life and reliability of each round.
  • Shell Case: High-end red PE plastic with a nickel brass head for durability and ease of reloading.

Ideal Use

This ammunition is particularly suited for turkey hunting, a challenging sport that demands precision and power. The BB shot size is perfect for penetrating dense turkey feathers and reaching vital organs, ensuring a quick and humane harvest. The high muzzle velocity helps maintain tighter shot patterns over longer distances, a critical factor in turkey hunting, which often involves wary targets that keep their distance.

Brand Heritage

Founded in 1902 in Sweden, Norma has built a reputation for exceptional quality and performance in ammunition manufacturing. The Wingstrike STEEL line is a testament to Norma's innovation in hunting ammunition, providing hunters worldwide with reliable and high-performing options.


Norma's Wingstrike STEEL 12 Gauge ammunition is an excellent choice for hunters who require the utmost in performance and environmental responsibility. Its high-quality construction, powerful delivery, and precision engineering make it a top pick for serious turkey hunters aiming for success in the field. Order your box today and experience the difference in your next hunting adventure.

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