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Norma Ammunition

Norma Brass - 7mm SAUM, 20270877 (Box of 50)

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  • Package of Norma brass for 7mm SAUM, with the product number 20270877, containing 50 pieces. The packaging is designed with a transparent front, showcasing the shiny brass casings inside, and features a dramatic black and white image of a shooter in action. The box is marked clearly with the bullet specifics, emphasizing its use for high-performance reloading in sharpshooting and hunting applications. The BulletCentral.com logo is subtly incorporated in the smoky gray backdrop.
  • Two pieces of Norma brass for 7mm SAUM, displayed side by side. These casings feature a polished golden finish and are designed for reloading in high-performance shooting applications. The image captures the clean, precise dimensions of the brass, highlighting its quality and durability, suitable for sharpshooters and hunters who require reliable and consistent reloading materials.
  • Promotional image for Norma brass for 7mm SAUM, featuring a high-quality brass casing alongside detailed text explaining its precision and quality. The image highlights the brass's polished golden finish and the rigorous manufacturing process that ensures optimal performance. The layout includes descriptive points such as weight uniformity and dimensional accuracy, underscored by the slogan 'NORMA PRECISION. IT ALL STARTS HERE.' emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality in ammunition crafting.
  • Detailed educational diagram of Norma brass for 7mm SAUM, illustrating the cross-section and structural composition of the brass casing. The image shows various stages of the brass from raw material to finished product, with magnified sections displaying the uniformity of the brass's microstructure. Annotations explain the percentages of zinc and copper, highlighting the careful balance achieved for durability and performance in ammunition manufacturing.

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Norma Brass - 7mm SAUM High Precision Cartridge Cases

Norma Brass - 7mm SAUM: Excellence in Every Shot

Introducing the Norma Brass - 7mm SAUM, product number 20270877, a box of 50 premium cartridge cases designed for the discerning rifle shooter. With a reputation for world-leading performance, these cartridge cases offer low recoil, exceptional stability in wind, and the highest level of precision for your shooting needs.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

Norma products are celebrated worldwide for their high quality. The superiority of Norma brass cases is a cornerstone of this reputation, providing long life and numerous reloads without compromising accuracy. Crafted from the finest raw materials and with the narrowest tolerances, Norma cases ensure consistent performance shot after shot.

Advanced Material Engineering

  • Annealed Case Neck: Softened to prevent gas leaks and securely hold the bullet, ensuring the material remains crack-free for at least 10 years.
  • Optimized Case Body Hardness: Carefully balanced to prevent unnecessary stretching and reduce the risk of cracks.
  • Firm Primer Pocket: The brass around the primer pocket is nearly twice as hard as the neck, ensuring reliability and durability.

Superior Material Structure

During manufacturing, large, soft grains are refined into smaller, harder ones for increased strength. The annealing process then enlarges the grains in specific areas, reducing hardness for the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. This meticulous process results in cartridge cases that deliver unparalleled precision and reliability.

Choose Norma Brass - 7mm SAUM for your rifle shooting needs and experience the difference that superior quality brass can make. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, trust Norma to elevate your performance with every round.

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7mm SAUM
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    Norma brass 7mm SAUM

    Posted by Wesley Lundeen on Dec 5th 2023

    Good product and delivered in a timely fashion

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