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DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")

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  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
  • DST Precision - D.F.A.T. Optical training adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")
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DST Precision D.F.A.T. Optical Training Adapter - #20 (43.2mm or 1.7")

Elevate Your Dryfire Practice with Precision

The DST Precision D.F.A.T. (Dry Fire Aperture Technology) Optical Training Adapter #20 is specifically designed for shooters who want to enhance their dry fire practice within confined spaces using their personal rifles and scopes. Whether you're in your living room, garage, or a small backyard, this tool is perfect for anyone looking to refine their shooting skills without needing a large range.

Features of the D.F.A.T. Optical Training Adapter

Enhanced Focus and Depth

With an innovative aperture lens system adapter, this device allows most mid-range tactical or long-range scopes to focus in the range of 11-15 feet with about 6 inches of depth of field. Adjusting the parallax distance can further extend the focal distance, providing more flexibility in various indoor environments.

Maximum Magnification

The D.F.A.T. Optical Training Adapter #20 is designed to allow the use of your scope at its maximum magnification under proper lighting conditions, offering a realistic and practical training experience.

High-Quality Optical Components

The latest model includes lenses made from BK7 glass, offering superior optical clarity compared to standard optical-grade plastic lenses found in previous generations. This upgrade ensures greater visual acuity and precision.

Comprehensive Training Capabilities

This tool enables shooters to practice various positions and balance points, and experiment with different rifle configurations, whether slung or unslung, alongside various support bag setups. It is invaluable for refining techniques and reducing "wobble," especially in non-prone positions.

Included in the Package

  • TARGET PACK #2: Includes 10 high-resolution targets (7.5"x11") from DFAT Range #13-22, printed on heavy paper to simulate a range-like environment.

How to Order the Correct D.F.A.T HD for Your Scope

  1. Identify Scope Requirements: Determine the make, model, and magnification of your scope or measure the outer objective size to find the correct D.F.A.T HD and Adapter Ring.
  2. Select Based on Compatibility: For example, a 55mm D.F.A.T GEN2 HD with a 58mm Thread Adapter Ring fits scopes with objective sizes from 55mm to 58mm.
Compatible Scopes Include (But Not Limited To):
  • Vortex Razor (Various Models)
  • Athlon Cronus, Aries, and Midas Series
  • Nightforce NXS, ATACR
  • Sightron SIII Series
  • Steiner Military Series
  • Leupold Mark Series
  • Many more across different objective sizes

Advantages of Using DST D.F.A.T GEN2 HD

  • Indoor Flexibility: Train in small spaces effectively.
  • Clarity and Precision: High-quality BK7 glass enhances the training experience.
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation and removal.
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures longevity and resilience.


For shooters looking to practice and perfect their skills under various conditions and setups, the DST Precision D.F.A.T. Optical Training Adapter #20 offers an unparalleled solution. Its versatility and precision make it an essential tool for serious marksmen aiming to improve their accuracy and handling without leaving home.

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